Monday, 4 March 2013

My Late Summer Roses

My last flush of Summer roses greeted me with their cheerful little faces this morning.

Generally I leave them on my bushes and enjoy the blooms but this afternoon I looked at the grey skies above and knew that the rain would soon ruin my blooms so I picked a big bunch and brought them inside to play !

In the fading afternoon light streaming in my front door I captured a few pretty moments.

My Roses found themselves in tiny jars hanging from a white twiggy branch.
This pretty display looks beautiful sitting just under my hanging lace. It is a narrow corridor but I always keep it interesting by changing my displays often.

My 'Seduction Roses' are among my favourite roses.
and with the late sunshine filtering through the doorway, it looked as pretty as a picture.

         and a small space all of a sudden became ever so inviting.


  1. VERY pretty! Oh, I DO love pink roses!
    I hope you have a nice umbrella for the rain!

  2. My sweet Melanie, I have missed your darling blog terribly! :-) This post made me smile right away! Your home is so beautiful, I love the wooden walls, white doors and dark is all so inviting and cozy! The roses are perfect of course...their color is so sweet and gentle...

  3. What gorgeous gentle pinks! I love roses, the more overblown the better! Yours are so beautiful against the white and wood.

  4. Your roses are so pretty and I really like the way you're displaying them in the little jars.