Friday, 15 March 2013

A Chicken Wearing Pearls !

Have you ever seen a chicken wearing a string of pearls ?

No ?
Well now you have :-)

My dear friend Miss M has kept chickens before so she's quite well aware of the in's and out's of it all.
After a recent house move she decided to buy herself some new chickens because she had given her other ones away.    
When she told me that she was buying more I was thrilled because all I could think about was decorating her chicken coop for her.
(Think chandeliers, tea cups and a herb garden !)

and then she said that she was getting a different variety of chickens this time and these ones would lay BLUE EGGS.

My ears pricked up as soon as she said blue !

She also said that she was going to buy some unhatched eggs and incubate and hatch them at her home.
EXCITING for a city slicker like myself.
She said that you can hear cheeping through the egg shells before they even hatch !
I cannot wait to hear that for myself !

Scroll down and you will see the story unfold before your eyes :-)
The girls didn't take to the teacup very well, but they are only 12 weeks old so there's time to train them to be ladies.
I mean....whoever on earth would want to drink out of an old plastic container ?  
Certainly not a chicken who is being trained to wear pearls !

Now it's time to drool over the pale french blue/grey eggs.
(You can see the pretty pale blue/grey egg on the right)

The whole episode of putting the pearls on the chicken was quite hilarious.
I'm not sure if it was us or the chickens that clucked the loudest but Miss M and I had a lovely time :-)
Miss M wasn't quick enough when she first tried to put the pearls over Pearl's head..........
oops, sorry about that Pearl !
Doesn't she look pretty !

I'm pretending that the look on her face is one of love and not angst 

The girls hen house hasn't arrived yet so they are living in a cage at the moment.
They don't seem to mind though. They have lots of soft hay, tummys full of fresh kitchen scraps and grain.

Their new home will arrive in a couple of weeks time.

and now I would like to introduce the babies !
Meet 'The Chickadees' !
They are due to make their presence known around the 4th April.
(A chicken egg has a 21 day incubation time frame.)
They are warming their little selves in a nice toasty little incubator. They are all marked with their different varieties.
If it had have been me I would have named each egg......

But then that's just me ! :-)

There are 4 chickens ruling the roost now but more to come. Not all of these eggs are Miss M's but she is having all of the fun of doing the hatching bit !

Miss M has given me naming rights but I need your help !

I was thinking of giving them French names because of the pale French blue colour of their eggs. I wondered about a Marie Antoinette theme ?
Then I thought about flower names ?  (How cute would Dahlia be !)

Apart from my friend 'Pearl' the rest of the girls remain nameless.

They are destined to be posh chickens. After all they will drink out of china, rest their heads on Chamomile flowers when they sleep and wear bows in their hair by day. They simply MUST have posh names :-)
                                     Any suggestions ?


  1. It's 2 in the morning here and I'm laughing about your friends blue chicken wearing pearls! YOU AND FEATHERS!!! Get some of those blue feathers deary and add them to your stash of goodies!! And truly the other eggs looked peachy pink! Perfect combo!!
    Thanks for a bit of fun!
    Now for a name or two to suggest to you...
    B'Lou? (my blue cats name!), Bella, or Hortense??
    I had a blue dog that was named Blue Danube, and Rhapsody in Blue was another blue name I liked...
    I know you will have a blast coming up with those names!
    Or you could go with names of jewels like Opal, Ruby and Garnet, but those chicks might have a complex or something!!
    Looking forward to the 4th of April!!

    1. hahahaha My first word to Miss M was "Can I pluck some feathers !".
      I am a naughty girl ! lol
      Thankyou for the name suggestions. I had to laugh about the suggestion of Ruby for a name because that is my daughters name ! She will squeal if I threaten to name a chook after her ! hahahaha
      Why are you up at 2 in the morning, are you working on your masterpiece?
      Have a great weekend xo ?

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  3. How pretty she looks! I expect the anticipation of the hatching is almost too much to bear!! How about Jacinthe or VĂ©ronique (although that is a bit of a cheat because they are mauve). Bleuet and Myosotis aren't very feminine names really, although the flowers are beautiful!
    We have a breed here called Cream Leghorns who produce beautiful pale blue eggs. We have them in our local supermarket luckily.

  4. Just wonderful. who'd a thought a chicken wearing pearls...I looked some up, they have Adelle and I like Consuela or Dita...there's Angelina, or Gia. Or maybe Frederica...I think these would fit them perfect...I loved reading about this story...Happy wonderful Saturday. with love Janice @

  5. Well she is just so incredibly precious and regal! I LOVE HER!!!! Thanks for paying tribute to this magnificent creature...this chicken ROCKS!!!! and her eggs are like a piece of artwork! : ) hugs my you

  6. This is SO FUN!!! I can just see you trying to catch those chickens! He he he, what a hoot!
    I think they could use a lace collar now and then, as well!
    Henrietta is SUCH a Hen name....and Violet, Miss Gray, ("and her 50,000 pounds...", maybe it was just 10, to watch the movie again...) Or you could watch the movie Chicken Run and use some of those names. We love that is so funny....
    I cannot wait to see the chicks born! That is always so fun.
    We hatched pheasants one year because my hubby accidentally ran over the mother and the nest while swathing hay...but our daughter loved it...she had to learn to not help the chicks out of the egg....
    Can't wait to see more!! Love the teacups and lace and are so like me!!!