Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My Easter Table

To all of my friends across the globe I wish you all a very 'Hoppy Easter' !
I have had a lovely relaxing long weekend and consumed waaaaay too much chocolate. 

We hosted a lunch and the next day a breakfast with our families. That's what makes Easter really.....family !
Spending quality time with our loved ones.
I had a wonderful time watching my little niece enjoy her first real Easter egg hunt, she was sooo cute and caught up in all of the excitement of it all. Don't you just love life through the eyes of a child.

Now who would like to see my Easter table ?
scroll down....

Pink fluffy feathers and French blue birds were my choice of centrepiece for my Easter table.
I bought this Jeanne D'Arc little hanging card from my friend Michelle at Shabby Sheilas.
and who could forget the Easter Bunny !
and little Miss Gracie rode off into the sunset with her stash of chocolate eggs !

The weather was perfect, the company perfect and the food yummy !  I would show you that but lots of hungry tummy's ate the food before I had a chance to get a photo....lol
I served cheese croissants, warm caramel banana cake (made by my Mum), lots of fresh fruit.....raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, rock melon and passion fruit. YUM !

Cups of cappuccino and tea were served an we all sat out in the garden in the sunshine.
It was a perfect weekend and a perfect Easter Sunday :-)

I hope that your weekend was just as much fun as mine !


  1. My sweet Melanie, could I expect any cuter post than this? No...you are the queen of loveliness! :-) I really like your tradions- lunch and breakfast with families and egg hunts...that´s so much fun! :-) I also couldn´t resist and bought Jeanne d´Arc Living hanging paper decoration- it is just perfect, isn´t it? :-) "Hoppy Easter" to you too, haha! :-D Love, S.

  2. Your buffet sounds just as lovely as your table looks! ♥ the antique dyed eggs. What did you use to accomplish this look? Glad your Easter was pleasant. Mine was as well.

  3. It all looks so fun and festive in a very realxed sort of way....
    Ahhh....we see what the PINK things were painted for! Dinner!