Thursday, 28 March 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS ......Peachy Pink Roses

When I saw the 'Peachy Pink' Roses  at my course this week I had to have them !

I had picked my foliage before class and had decided to use succulents in my bouquet.
I also chose Buxus, Magnolia and Dotta Vine.
The peachy pink roses weren't quite the look I was after but I just couldn't resist them.
To be quite honest I am not really fond of the colour yellow but the only colour that seemed to work with the roses were pale lemon coloured Gerberas which were in our class flower requirements that day.
I have always been quite set on colours that I like to surround myself with.  You know when you just dislike a certain colour and it affects your mood ?   Well yellow, orange and beige do that for me.  They are just blah colours to me and I really don't enjoy them.

My flower combination was still pretty, but it wasn't a combination that I would normally be drawn to.
I am actually looking forward to pulling my bouquet apart and separating all of the colours and placing them into different vases.
If I had have been able to chose my own blooms I would have gone for pale pink to go with the peachy pink. Imagine Peonies or David Austin roses........beautiful !
I still enjoyed creating with our blooms.  It is always so much fun creating something new and learning new skills, it's always a challenge. Floristry is not quite as easy as it looks that's for sure !

So now for some pics !

My flower choices this week were
green Chrysanthemums
pale lemon Gerberas
peachy pink Roses

I am interested in learning more about what colour combinations in flowers that you all like.  Do you like a rainbow of colours or pastels or bright colours ?
If you were to receive flowers what would your ideal arrangement be ?  I will look forward to hearing your replies !


  1. Peachy pink and green look GREAT together! The roses look good enough to eat!

  2. Lovely foliage! Especially as you can find these we don't grow here. I like both gorgeous bright colours, with pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, purples altogether, but I also love pale pink and yellow with lots of greenery and gypsophila, depends on the season.

  3. I love the idea of including succulents in a bouquet

  4. Hi Melanie...l hope you're having a lovely Easter break:-)) l totally get what you're saying about yellow and orange flowers...not colours l use much either. Your bouquet looks really beautiful l love the colour of the roses with the succulents... for me it'd be peony roses in pinks and lovely.

  5. Melanie,
    It is beautiful! Even if you do not like the yellow, it is a soft enough yellow that it blends well with both the green and peachy pink. I love all the elements in this boquet. The moss is twigs are awesome and the succulents I wouldn't have thought about using, but it is so pretty! I think you need to send me your address. I have something for you!

  6. Wow!! I love the succulents! I have never seen that before and now I live it!! Beautiful gorgeous! You my dear are a bona fide florist!