Thursday, 4 April 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS and Kangaroos !

Remember last year when I told you all about the kangaroos on campus at my course ?
They graze in the field outside our classroom but every single time they were there I would miss my photo opportunity.
Yesterday as I drove out of the gates to go home there were kangaroos everywhere !  There was one standing on the side of the road looking at me, but as I opened my window to take a pic it bounded off into the trees.
But this time I did capture a few shots from a family of kangaroos who were wary of me but still happy to continue having their dinner !
They were grey kangaroos and the male 'boss' of the pack was sitting on his back haunches watching me like a hawk.  Kangaroos will attack if they feel threatened but mostly they are placid and jump away before you get too close. The kangaroos on our campus are quite used to people being around. They don't come up to us wanting food but they are happy being in the background.

It seemed very fitting to see the kangaroos that particular day, because we had spent the day working with some native Australian flowers.
We began the day making a natural stemmed bridal posy, which are quite popular with brides at the moment. 
After making the posy we pulled our work apart and began a different style bridal bouquet.
I really like this style of bridal bouquet. It is simple but very elegant and without lots of fussy trails.

                       The flowers we worked with were
                                    Billy Buttons
                                    Paper Daisies
                                    Silvan Reds
                                    Dryandra- green
                                    Proteas (which are native to South Africa)
                                     The posy pictured below was our first design of the day.

                             and then a Trail Bouquet (below)

The yellow flowers are the 'Billy Buttons'
Silvan Reds are the claw shaped flower
Proteus are the big pink fluffy flowers
Paper Daisies are the small red flowers
Grevillias (below left with the tiny tendrils)
Dryandra are the spiky apple green blooms

                           and now for the kangaroos !!!!
               That is the boss kangaroo looking at the camera. 
                  His ears were twitching from side to side, very cute :-)

and now for some very exciting news !!!
The eggs are hatching and there are now 3 babies.  I got the early morning call yesterday to go over and see them.  The first baby born I have named 'TEA CUP'.......she is adorable.  I am visiting the new babies again tomorrow and will take lots of photo's to share.
I will leave you with this one very cute pic of 'Tea Cup' you know why she has that name ! lol


  1. Cute kangaroos!
    You are making the most GORGEOUS creations, Melanie!
    I'd like to have a posy to carry around EVERY DAY.

  2. Being from America, Your bouquet seems so exotic and interesting. The idea of kangaroos on campus is just mind boggling. I can however relate the the chicks. lol

  3. What fabulous pictures! Glad to see the chicks have hatched and are doing well. Those blooms are so exotic! I have never seen anything like them! And as for the kangaroos-amazing!!! Thanks for sharing Australia with us on this cold and trying-to-snow day here in Kondon.

  4. Melanie!! Those flowers are just gorgeous!! I thought the ones you had shared previously were beautiful, but wow...these are amazing! The combination of the colors and the style of the bouquet is beautiful. Lovely job on those photos!
    And the roos!! How cute...from a distance! I wouldn't want papa roo to come after me!!
    And a huge welcome to Tea Cup! How cute!!
    Can't wait to see the brothers and sisters!!