Friday, 5 April 2013

A Chicken Goes To A Tea Party.....My Favourite EVER Blogpost

Meet my new friend 'Tea Cup'
'Tea Cup' was born on Wednesday at 6am.
I got the early morning call from my friend Miss M that the eggs were chirping and rocking and beginning to crack.
One little chick had just hatched and I had to hurry over.
Unfortunately I had plans that day, so I couldn't be there, but I did get there that evening and met 'Tea Cup'.  She is a little cutie and is very outgoing and inquisitive.
I have been asked to name all of the chicks as they hatch so I am very excited about that !

This morning Miss M and I had our regular tea morning and as I arrived she told me that another chick had hatched. Better still she was letting me be the first to hold it. Apparently they bond with the first person that holds them (I'm not sure about that, but it sounds very sweet and I am thrilled)

This new little newborn I have named 'Cup Cake'
She is still looking very dishevelled and wet after her birth as you will see when you scroll down but she is super cute and I adore her !

I decided in celebration of the new babies Miss M and I should have a little tea party.
Of course we had to invite 'Tea Cup' to join in all of the fun.
It turns out that Tea Cup is quite fond of cupcakes and macarons and all things girly.
She felt a little left out because she didn't have a dress to wear so I popped a little lace shawl over her shoulders and balanced a lacy hat on her head.
She was very happy with her new outfit and happily posed and smiled for the camera :-)

OK........scroll down and enjoy the picture storybook !

Yes she REALLY IS sitting on top of that cupcake
Meet 'Cup Cake', born this morning at 8am.  She was 2 hours old in this pic and couldn't stand up yet.
My very first cuddle !
After meeting 'Cup Cake', we introduced her to her new sisters in the next stage of the incubation process. They were quite curious of the 'new chick in town' but embraced her pretty quickly.

and this is the moment where 'Tea Cup' and 'Cup Cake' met for the first time.
Tea Cup was actually quite protective of her and shielded her from the other chicks.
Look how much bigger Tea Cup is after 2 days growth !  It is amazing how fast chickens grow.

and it wouldn't be a proper tea party without  real cup cakes and macarons from SWEET POISON (My favourite cake store)
We chose strawberry, pistachio and berry macarons and a strawberry filled cupcake with delicious creamy icing on the top.
                                              and our little tea party had a gate crasher........
                                                      'Kitten' wanted to dress up too !

                                         "A cup cake ?"
                                      Don't mind if I do !!

and very naughty 'Kitten' had to be escorted from the room after he was caught having a 'meet and greet' with the new additions......
No he didn't eat any but he wishes that he could have........bad Kitten !
and that my friends was the best morning I have had in some time. Those darling little chicks made my day and I will remember it for many years to come.  I hope that you too enjoyed my tea party and the babies !

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all again next week.


  1. Only you Mel would stage a tea party for baby chicks! Loved every moment of today's post - just adorable! xx

  2. How funny! The chicks are so cooperative! Lovely cakes, too!

  3. Oh how sweet are Cupcake and Teacup! And how lucky arebtheybto have a tea party in their honour! If only you could put something in their food which keeps them tiny, fluffy and adorable for ever!!

  4. That is so cute Mel, I hope they enjoyed themselves. Tanya xx


    What a neat thing you experienced.

  6. So much fun, Melanie,
    I love your tea party and the chicks. The shawl and hat are wso adorable and I love that photo of her looking at the sweet!

  7. What a fantastically fabulous post!!! I so enjoyed it. Beverly

  8. What a darling Chick teaparty!! I think chicks are just the cutest little things. I would love to have some but, even though we live in a little town, they don't allow chickens- ;( - so I have bees instead!

    Love that Chocolate/ coffee pot of yours!

    bee blessed

  9. It's official, I've seen it all now!! WHO but you my friend would LET a chick STAND barefoot on a perfectly GOOD cupcake?? My sweet tooth just bit into a bittertasting feather and now I sound like the cat when...well enough of that..!!!
    You goofball!! But it turned out so adorable with her namesake cake being her roost!! You really started something now...