Monday, 20 May 2013

A Surprise In The Mail From Doni

A a month or so ago I had a lace swap with a sweet friend Doni who I met through blogland.
You can see our lace swap HERE

and you can find Doni's blog Faith, Grace and Crafts HERE.

Doni has an amazing blog full of lace, buttons and other beautiful sewing related items. It is one of my places to visit because we both have the same taste and love for lace.

Late last week it was my son's birthday and I noticed that the posty had delivered a box to us. I left it in the mail box thinking that I would let me son discover it when he got  home from school.
What I didn't notice was that the box was actually for me !

I was super excited to read that the box was from my friend Doni !
Yes she had spoilt me again with a beautiful selection of vintage ribbons and lace all presented beautifully in a peachy pink vintage handkerchief pouch.

What a beautiful surprise my friend !

My favourite piece was the 'M'   That was absolutely beautiful !
I would love to find a pendant big enough that I could encase the M in so I could wear it around my neck or from a bracelet.

My parcel was wrapped up in beautiful peachy pink vintage ribbon.

and when I opened the peachy pink handkerchief pouch it had luscious lengths of trims, buttons and lace spilling out of it.
                                        How lucky am I !

The lace 'M' embellishment was my favourite !
Thanks so much Doni, that is very special :-)

                             The pretty blue bundle of joy.
This pretty parcel was such a wonderful surprise dear Doni, thanks so much for thinking of me and wishing me well on my new business journey.
                                           Love and hugs
                                               Melanie x


  1. My sweet Melanie, this such a wonderful gift!!! These kind of surprises are simply the best, aren´t they? ;-) I am so sorry I didn´t have much time to stop by and leave comments these days but I am so happy you stopped by and checked the photos of our new shop, it´s so exciting!!! I am also looking forward to see more and more of your lovely flower shop! Have a lovely day, xox, still yours, Sandy ;-)))

  2. Aww...that was so nice of her. Love getting pleasure mail. She wrapped it so pretty too! Can't wait to see what you design with the ribbon. Especially the blue.

  3. So much fun!
    Doni is a doll! And You will adore those items, I know!!! What a ovely peachy pink ribbon, I think you and I definitely have the same color likes! Peachy pink is also my favorite. Doni has influenced me to think about PINK more, however!
    What a sweet gift you will adore. Don't you jus tLOVE that Monogram? I have one from a dear friend and I ADORE mine as well. I also found a Monogram B in Germany, LACE! so I am lookig forward to using it!
    So fun fir you!
    Hugs and enjoy your day!

  4. Oh how lovely! What a super surprise to have a package like that!