Thursday, 16 May 2013

Mayflowers Vintage Florist Opens It's Doors

Good evening Peachy Pink friends !

As promised the other day I have a tonne of photo's of my new business premises.
These photo's were taken on the weekend of Mothers Day, which was also the same week I launched my new business.
It was soooooo busy but I worked with a smile and felt as though I was finally living my dream.

Tonight I am going to simply let you view the eye candy.

My new business MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST can be found on facebook HERE.I would love you to pop in and say hi and spread the love with your friends around the local area.

Living my dreams on very little sleep...........It was Mothers Day !
Little punnets of happy faced pansies

As the sun went behind the clouds and the world went dark for a second, one single ray of light shined in and hit this rose. I was sitting outside taking photo's and sat here watching in awe.
It was a little sign from heaven to wish me well.
My creations waiting for the delivery man to turn up.

                                                                       Isn't it pretty !

                            A bunch of my 'Doily Posies'
                                 These were super popular over the Mothers Day weekend.
                                                                    A happy customer !

                                                  and my best seller, 'Tea Cup Posies'
One special Mum received this gorgeous arrangement in a vintage sewing basket.
She was suitable chuffed with it too !
                            Towards the end of the day I seemed to take photo's at strange angles..........
                                                           Lack of sleep perhaps ? lol

and a couple of my tea cup posies even travelled afar, all wrapped up and as pretty as a picture waiting to meet their new owners.


  1. Congratulations, it is beautiful, you did a great job with your shop,Melanie, I would love to visit it someday.

  2. It's all so wonderful! You look pleased as can be!

  3. Melanie!.....
    It is all so gorgeous....I would just hug yiu to congratulate you if I were there! you have done such a wonderful, amazing job, the bouquets are so beautiful, the tea cup posies asre so sweet, I love your flower combinations and your containers. Were you able to continue with more orders throughout the week following? how do you keep the flowers refrigerated? Your garage looks so perfect for your florist shop!
    I am just so happy for you! what a fun dream come true....LOTS of work, but fun!
    Hearts to you,


  4. Oh Melanie! I am so excited for you!! You did a marvelous job on those arrangements and oh how I WISH I could stop by and see your place!! Best wishes to you and many congratulations!!

  5. Darling Melanie, this is probably the most UNIQUE AND SWEET flower studio of all!!!!!! I absolutely adore the last photo, ahhh...Don´t you just love it when dreams come true? ;-)

  6. How stunningly beautiful! What a beautiful blessing.... Best wishes for your lovely new business and your dream!!!!