Thursday, 2 May 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS and a good old fashioned chat !


Yes it has been a while hasn't it !
I hope that you all saw my last post about where I have been hiding.

I have been a busy bee setting up my new floristry business.
I have been cleaning up my workspace, buying lots of great vintage pieces for my designs and making business plans.
I still have a mountain of work to do but it is happy work with a happy end in sight.
I will have a tonne of before and after photo's of my workspace but I still have a long way to go.  It is Mothers Day here in Australia next weekend so that is my debut onto the world stage.
MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST will be officially in business.

I am so very fortunate to have so many wonderful supportive friends and family who have been spreading the word and I have been inundated with orders.
This makes me HAPPY :-)

I have so may ideas to share but I will keep my ideas under wraps for a little's a secret ! lol

So NOW I will share this weeks design from class.
We are focusing on bridal work at the moment and I am learning some really beautiful designs.

This week we wove our own vine wreaths which was lots of fun.

The wreath was then used as a base for a bridal bouquet.
I LOVED this design  !
It would be perfect for a rustic French country or shabby chic wedding.
I chose all pink blooms and green toned foliage this week.

Pixie Carnations

The fragrance is amazing !
I bound the stems with simple twine to blend in with the wreath.
My daughter kindly modelled my design for me.
She was a little shy about revealing her petty face because "I have no makeup on Mum !!!!"
(Oh, the life of a teenager is soooooo hard !)

One day my beautiful girl will carry a pretty bouquet of flowers.
But today it was just for fun.

So that is what has been happening on my end.
What has been happening on yours ?
I feel like I have been absent for months not a couple of weeks.
I have found lots and lots of vintage goodies on my travels and I cannot wait to show you all. 

                      Blowing you all a kiss across the miles


  1. Gorgeous!
    My heart always jumps with happiuness when I see that you have again posted! I am so excited for your adventure! I LOVE your bouquet! I would n't have thought to put a grapevine wreath around one, I do make my own grapeviune wreaths, though! Thisw weekend is a formal Dance at the High School and nmy daughter has been asked to go. So, I will be making her corsage and his boutenierre..I don't know how to spell that! anyway, I will need to get flowers oday and I think I will go with pink sweetheart roses and some stocks and ivy I have growing in our yard. I love ivy in a corsage, I don't know why! her dress is a light torquoise color with a black sash and some irredescent sequens and lace. So, irredescent ribbon and maybe a black thin ribbon accent, probably a wrist corsage, I ahve been wanting to do a tussie mussie for a LONG time, but no one ever wants one of those. When My son took a date to a dance at College whre the theme was Alive in Wonderland, I really wished I was ccloser to where he was because a tussie Mussie bouquet would have been so cute for that! Me and my ideas, teenageers mostly must want what everyone else has, not something unique!
    SO fun, can't wait to see your things!
    Heart hugs to you!

  2. You are going to do SO
    WELL, Mel- I am so so excited for you!

    Best wishes and lots of prayers for you as you enter this endeavor and of luck, friend!

    Hugs from mid America!!


  3. Hi Melanie!! And hello to your daughter too!! Oh wow, now first I have to say that those pink pumps she's wearing are awesome!!! I love shoes and never ever find something pretty in my hippo size, so seeing something pretty like those is a feast for my shoe starved eyes! And that bouquet is gorgeous! I love how it turned out. Your daughters posing really did set it off beautifully!! I know you're swamped and so busy you can't remember to breath, but do breath and get some time alone so you don't wear yourself out!! Lots of hugs from me to you!

  4. Beautiful blooms and beautiful daughter! Love the contrast of textures with the basket work.

  5. This bouquet is simply amazing! I love the whole concept and it turned out so gorgeous! You are going to ROCK THE FLOWER WORLD my friend...I am sooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you dearly! tons of hugs...