Monday, 22 April 2013

A Little Note From Me To You....

My little world of pink and blue has been full to the brim of cleaning, collecting and gathering .....

I have not forgotten about my little blog world of loveliness and I am missing you all very much.
My children are on school break at the moment and they are keeping me busy. 

My new business Mayflowers Vintage Florist also has me around it's little finger.  I am setting up my new little store and workplace from home for now and I am slowly converting the 'boys shed' into a 'girl shed' (oops.....sorry boys !)
I cannot believe how much STUFF we had accumulated in there. The scary thing is that a lot of it was mine. Every 'amazing' flea market find has been gathering dust up in the rafters for many years now. I found a set of French doors, a scallop edged plant stand and 3 old vintage babies highchairs (and that only scratched the surface).  There were 5 tubs FULL of fabric and about a zillion chenille quilts from my sewing days.
More and more kept coming.  We emptied it all out onto the driveway and honestly it was hard to find space to put it all.  Our lovely neighbours poked their heads over the fence to say hi and got the shock of their lives ! lol
They found some treasures too !  We passed over the fence a little bike for their little Miss and the cutest little lady bug umbrella for her too. It was good to find these things a new home.
We are now in some freaky kind of organised mess and I am so bursting to start decorating that you couldn't imagine !
I have wallpapers and vintage bark cloth fabrics ready to be stitched up.  Old storage cupboards are being washed and cleaned and my husbands tools are being stored away and being replaced with vases and other florist supplies.
I found lots of old photo's and frames that I had packed away when we were renovating our home. Honestly you can't begin to imagine the stuff that was there.
It feels good to have a big clear out though. Goodness knows that it needed it.
On a high note, I have all of these new flea market finds that have been stashed away that I can use for my new venture !!  
Everything I have bought and collected over the years now has a purpose. (I knew when I bought them that they would serve a real purpose one
I have some serious scrubbing and painting to do but I am doing it with gusto because there will be something beautiful at the end of it all.

and guess what ?
I have found more paint !!!!!!!   'Oh dear'..........looks like everything is about to be painted again !  

Can I here panic in the hearts of my family ? 

The good thing for my husband though is that his sprinkler has already been painted pink so that should be safe this time.  The paint that I found was blue, SURPRISE it looks as though my next burst of painting will be in blue !  (smiles)
You just never can have enough blue ! lol

But there is a small problem. Where on earth have I put the paintbrushes in our cleanup ?

See you again soon for more bloggy bits and pretty photo's !


  1. Congratulations on your new business, I know it will be a sucess. I need to have a clean up day upstairs in my bonus room. Maybe I'll have some new finds!

  2. LOVE IT! I am so excited to see your "Shop" set up! Will y ou be passing along some of those lovely vintage finds to us? mabye an Etsy store?
    That would be so fun!
    Hugs to you,

  3. You sound very motivated! I can't wait to see the results.

  4. Oh how lovely discovering all your treasures again! I will be doing the same before long when I open boxes that have been in storage for such a long time!

  5. Oh goodness, you had me drooling and wishing I was your neighbor! Would love to take some treasures off your hands lol!


  6. OK, now I am going to have a talk with hubby...I can't believe he was throwing out a 100 year old lamp shade! Doesn't he know it would be adorable covered in lace LOL!