Thursday, 23 May 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS .....Pretty Purples and Lace

In floristry class this week we continued on with more bridal work and began funeral designs.

funeral work seems really depressing and sad but I am trying to look at it from the perspective that flowers offer hope, warmth and love when people need it the most.

I will share the pics of my bridal bouquet first.
We had to make a bouquet that was divided into 5 sections. Each section housed one variety of flowers.

I used the following blooms in my design.
and I used lace doilies in one of my sections.

Here are the results 
and here is a side view of my bouquet
 (held by a friend from my class)

and then we pulled that design apart and remade it into this funeral tribute.

Doesn't Kale have the most amazing colour !
I just love working with it.
Lastly in our busy day we made a handbag spray for an evening purse or in my case a wire basket.

I used Lizzianthus, Status, Carnations, green gum nuts, Kale leaves and rolled gum leaves.

and when I attached it to my basket it looked stunningly beautiful !
 Pictured below is the spray the next day after no water and it still looks beautiful. It helps though that the temperature is cold. I have given it a light spray with water so hopefully I will get one more day out of it tomorrow. I shall take my basket out shopping tomorrow to show it off.
and this design below is something that I made this afternoon in my studio. Pinks and lemons were my colours of choice.

Flowers are a gift from above and always bring a smile to a face no matter who you are.

Have a fun filled day and thanks so much for popping in :-)


  1. It all turned out so pretty. I remember the large floral wreath at my grandmother's funeral. So lovely on such a sad day. You can really tell it was put together with care.

  2. The doily is so precious! I love that bridal bouquet!

  3. Your creations look absolutely wonderful, Mel!

    Keep up the good work, lady!

  4. Beautiful! I always think ornamental cabbages look amazing mixed with flowers, and the lace to gives it such a personal touch!