Friday, 24 May 2013

Vintage Ribbons And Trim For Mayflowers Vintage Florist

For those of you who have followed my humble little blog for some time I'm sure you all know my philosophy of recycling vintage goods.

For those who don't here is a recap !

I believe that there is enough 'stuff' on this Earth to last us for hundreds of years.  There is a definite need for essential industry to provide us with all that we need to survive, but in other areas we need to stop making so much 'stuff' and use what is already here.

My new business MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST is based on not only filling my love and passion for antiques and vintage but to also learn to reuse beautiful quality items that are sitting in the back of all of a cupboards.

For instance, this morning I delivered an arrangement to a customer and it had been built into a beautiful vintage vegetable terrine instead of a yukky black plastic base.
Not only did it greatly enhance my arrangement and it's beauty, but when the flowers have finished blooming, my customer will have a beautiful surprise when they empty the foam out and find the exquisite bowl underneath.
NOW THAT is a surprise in itself. That is why I love what I stand for and believe in. It is truly my passion and one that I hope will catch on for many others.
We have a precious planet that is bursting at the seams and part of the answer is staring us in the face. RECYCLE !!!

I use as little plastic as possible in my designs and instead wrap with fabrics, lace and brown paper.  When I need ribbon I am always looking out for vintage ribbons that are gloriously faded and full of charm and are elegantly wrinkled and unironed and I use them as my bows on my bunches.

Tread lightly on this earth of ours and we can then leave the earth knowing that we have left a happy footprint in the sand for our children.

Yesterday I noticed that my lace and ribbon stores were getting a little light I grabbed my green wicker basket and took to the antique stores with gusto !
By the end of an hour I had found rolls of pale pink ribbon still on the rolls and also the most beautiful lace embellishments once used on a wedding dress. They were so beautiful that I bought them all for my business. I will use those in my arrangements and gift tags and also my collection of vintage inspired jewellery that I sell.

The find of the day was an old vintage bust from an old country haberdashery store in the country. It was absolutely perfect to display my jewellery line on and finding old dress forms like this isn't that easy, especially one in great condition like this one was.
Of course I will share this dress form with you in posts to come. You will adore it as much as I do.

SO enough of my rambling.......
scroll down to see the eye candy :-)

Can you see why I love vintage now ?
Where can you find ribbon like that all soft and worn perfectly or even still beautifully preserved on the roll.
It gives my vintage style florist business a look all of it's own.

and it is ALWAYS good to be different and have your own look.

For those who haven't yet visited my brand new facebook business page of MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST then you will find it HERE
For those who are local to my area here in Australia then I would love it if you would be so kind to spread the word around about me so I can share my designs and arrangements with lots of gorgeous customers 

Well I am off now to tidy up the house, pick the kids up from school and then settle down for a nice relaxing evening. It looks as if we are going to be having a rainy, cold weekend and that to me is perfect for rest and relaxation.
Have a beautiful weekend and I will see you all again next week !


  1. What a fab collection! My problem is giving it away . . . . . I am such a hoarder, and find it so hard to part with things!

  2. Oh my friend...all of these special touches are amazing and soooooooo put a bit of you in everything you do and that is what makes it wonderful! I am enjoying watching you blossom with each and every day! Love you dearly and sending you and yours BIG HUGS!!!!

  3. Melanie,
    Such lovely, gorgeous ribbons and laces! I love your florist idea, what a great idea! You know, I have a hard time settling down to one thing, hat is probably why I have not been as successful at a business, I don't want to have to do only one particular skill set, I love moving from ting to thing. but I wonder sometimes if I did just settle down to a few things if I couls actually make it work. I am so sad an etsy store didn't work for you! I wold have purchased your items! I LOVE the same things that you love. I would love to see your shop, and since I cannot, I am thrilled to pieces to see your pictures! oh, please do share pics of the dress form! Love your milk glass large cup! I have one the same pattern but it is gren glas instead of milk glass!
    Heart hugs and smiles to you!