Thursday, 30 May 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS ..........This Week It Is Spectacular !

With much pleasure I bring you a fabulous instalment of THURSDAY FLOWERS

The second year of my studies is flying by at the rate of knots and as I edge a little closer to completing my course I am already starting to miss it.
I'm not sure how that it is at all possible but it is true.

We are at the really, really fun creative stage of the course and this week our class was asked to work our magic on a big corporate affair. It was a big posh 'do' with all of the floristry reps there, so we had to really raise the bar and make this event something amazing.


The whole class split into groups to make different designs.
These designs below was what I made in my group.
We had to make table centrepieces.
We each made our own and we given the opportunity to put our own flair into it.  Each of us created something amazing and had our own style. It never ceases to amaze me how we all have the same bunches of flowers to work with but each of us creates something unique that's to our own style.
'Being different is a very good thing'

is called a birdcage design.
It is all made with love and patience and a whole lot of joy.

We used Ribbon Grass, stunning Orchids and Chrysanthemums

I think this design is absolutely exquisite

We also made this wonderful design !
I must tell you that the theme for this event was a phoenix rising from the ashes. The design that we moulded our designs to, was comprised of lots of earthy tones followed by a shot of bright violet so we Incorporated these colours into the designs.

Firstly we made a cone and painstakingly glued Autumn tone leaves in a pattern all around it. 
 We each came up with something different, here are a few of our cones pictured below. Mine is the one in the middle.

and this is the completed design all ready for delivery.
I was very proud of my work and I loved that we learnt lots of new skills making these designs.

It was such a fun day, we shared a joke or two, I got stuck to my design at one point with a large dollop of glue (lol) and as usual had fun following my dream.


  1. Marvellous! And so exotic! These wonderful designs are so unusual, clever girl, you!

  2. So creative and beautiful!
    Makes we want to actually take a class to learn what I don't kow about arrangements! LOL
    beautiful work, the leaves on the cones are a reallly fun idea! I love the "cage" you made, so pretty!

  3. Dear Melanie. I discovered your blog today when I was researching antique choko recipes. It is so beautiful I am looking forward to following it. Hope you don't mind, I added a link to your blog today so that others may enjoy it too.

  4. I'm always fascinated by your lovely flower designs you are definitely blessed with an exceptional talent

  5. Wow, your creations are stunning. Love what you did with the beautiful fall leaves too. Keep up the good work.