Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hands up those bloggers out there who started their blogs and were completely obsessed with the stats and comments ?

Yes well my hand is up !

It has been 2 years since I began my blog and began on my journey of discovery.
It was a wet day in May when I finally sat down and began to write a journal of my thoughts and love and shared those thoughts with the world.
Writing has always been a passion of mine from when I was a little girl, as was my love for photography and reading books.
Imagination comes from experience and play and all of those things were quite prevalent in my early life.
It was always such a big part of blogging to me to make sure that people were reading and that I wasn't just rambling on to myself.
I would check the stats a few times a day and sometimes be excited and other times be frowning at my lack there of.

2-3 years down the track I hardly ever check the stats and have only just checked my overall stats and found it to be well over 105,000 hits !
Wow when I think about it that is quite insane !

Creativity is something that we have to find all on our own. The need to capture an audience comes out of uncertainty and want for acknowledgement of our hard work.

It wasn't until the end of my first year of blogging that I realised that I was writing my blog for pleasure for myself.
I have always set out little tea parties for friends over many years and this time I really wanted to share my love of it and take pics.
Comments from readers made me smile but what has really given me the feeling of peace and harmony and love is when some of those comments have turned into budding friendships across the whole world.
Friend come from all over the place, some speak English and others do not. It is with a big smile that I welcome all of my happy readers into my little world of all thing French Blue and Peachy Pink.

Now days comments are from friends who I will probably never ever meet but that does not matter one little bit.
Some of these friends have become mentors and silent angels whose quite honesty and support have literally shifted my world and thoughts to new places.
Indeed, a very good blog friend of mine issued a challenge to her readers to follow their dream and to complete an unfinished project. Something clicked in my brain that day when I read this and I decided then and there to follow my dream of finally being a florist. 20 something years worth of dreaming about it, came to an end with an abrupt holt and 2 weeks later I was enrolled and ready to start my learning.
SEE.......faraway friends can come to us to teach us and encourage us and it can truly change our world.

So this afternoon as I sit here writing this post I would simply LOVE to say a big thankyou to each and everyone of you who take the time to visit my humble abode and read my ramblings and follow my dreams. Your silent and also verbal support keeps pushing me forward with invisible angel wings and continues to encourage me to grow as a human being.

I am very blessed to know you all. In my wildest dreams, one day we would all come together and meet, eat cupcakes in a beautiful garden and giggle the hours away

                             Love and Blessings to you all


  1. Well said, Melanie! Blogging provides a unique source of encouragement and a wealth of inspiration!
    It's been fun to pop over here and see how you are growing. YOU are always growing!

    1. Life would be so boring if we weren't creating a wonderful world for ourselves Miss Pom Pom xxoo

  2. We love reading your musings and seeing your lovely things! Keep up the good work Melanie! X

    1. You are soooo lovely and I love your comments x

  3. Melanie,
    My face is smiling and my heart is glowing, for you and for your blogging experience. I love reading your blog and I DO run on to myself on mine!
    LOL But it has ben therapeutic for me, and hopefully not TOO annoying to those who follow it.
    You said, "Creativity is something that we have to find all on our own. The need to capture an audience comes out of uncertainty and want for acknowledgement of our hard work." that is so true! and I love that I find it here, and there and it is motivating me to keep believing in myself. I LVOE it when I see someone else make something I have been thiung
    king about doing for years and then I say to myself..."I KNEW that was a great idea!" LOLOL and then I begin MY version of the piece.
    I just wish our countries were closer together. I am accepting your "invitation" for the Cupcake and giggle party! Maybe we can all skype together one day and DO it!
    Hugs and Hearts!

    1. Betsy, where do I start.......
      I guess the need to create and do something unique and different has always been a part of me as I imagine that it is for you too.
      Copying an idea is fun but when you think about it, half the fun is finding the way and creating and I feel that, that gets lost when trying to copy somebody else's design. The journey is always far greater then the result.
      Keep following your ideas and make them happen girl !!!! xo

  4. how can one person be so sweet...loving...kind...generous...talented...and oh so much more! i do hope that our paths will cross one day...but if they don't...you are in my heart and thoughts each and every day...i love watching your blossom in your new found business...you can tell that you love it...you can just see it in everything you do! sending you tons and tons of hugs and love...you are a treasure!

  5. We are the ones blessed by your posts Melany! I know I am. You have a way of sharing your life and love of life that is inspiring. I am so blessed to have found your blog. And I love having you for a dear friend.