Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Little Flower Fairy Comes To Tea

On a rainy, cold Winters day a little flower fairy came over to play.

She arrived all dressed in pink, flower in her pretty hair and a big smile on her face. Her proud Mummy looking on with love.

The little flower fairy's name is Laura
and her dream is to be a florist !
So the table was set, flowers were prepared and my little friend Laura began to live her dream.

Flower Fairy Laura smiled the whole afternoon long, snipping and poking her pile of fresh roses into a teacup full of securing foam. I gave her basic instructions on how to create the round shape design and then let her explore all on her own.

My honest thoughts.....she is a natural !
The love and excitement on her little face was glorious and I hoped that this day would be etched into her mind for the whole of her life.
When we are children we should be encouraged to live out our dreams at an early age to encourage us to move forward towards happiness in our desire to succeed. Not success monetary wise but success in being happy and completely in love in our chosen career.
Money is irrelevant compared to desire, happiness and fulfilment

It is highly possible that Miss Laura may change her mind about her future and that is ok.
She will grow and pave her happy little way through her journey of life her own way. Time and wisdom will guide her.
BUT one day I hope that a little spark will trigger in her mind reminding her of the wonderful afternoon she had creating something with her mind and her hands that she was so completely proud of.
and I hope that her passion of flowers will always remain.

She reminded me so much of myself at her age, making little fairy beds in the garden in old matchboxes or terracotta pots.  
Miss Laura the flower flower does exactly the same thing ! 
Her gentle soul and her wonderful love for flowers left a lasting impression on me. 
Children are so incredibly precious that's for certain.
To see her create with passion opened a tiny door to her soul that I could see that her Mummy adored. 
Her Mummy Karen and myself were old school friends.  
Karen sat off to the side and watch her little fairy create. I had to giggle when Karen tried to show Laura where to put a particular flower only Laura telling her that she knew already ! 
(Another snippet of myself ! lol)
Miss Laura the flower fairy has passion in her heart and with that quality she will truly be happy.
Who could resist that sweet little smile....

             and 'all by herself' she created a little teacup full of love !
She even dared to add a Brussel Sprout to her design.

She did an amazing job !
             and when we had finished it was time for tea and cookies.
 and all by herself she poured herself tea, scooped some little sugar hearts into her cup, added a tad of milk, munched on a cookie and then admired her work !

and then as her Mummy and I were chatting, a sweet little arm reached out to me and handed me a little tin of pretty note cards.
Smile :-)
Thankyou for such a sweet gift little flower fairy xo
Mummy and daughter moment.
They really are 2 little peas in a pod

 Thankyou Miss Laura for being my very delightful guest for the afternoon. May your dream of being a florist continue to inspire you to do something that truly makes your little heart sing.
I look forward to another flower date with you sometime in the future xo


  1. Laura is a sweetie - she is so cute and that hair - to DIE FOR gorgeous.

    I LOVE her creations, and the tea - just so lovely, Mel!

    Be sure to share with How Sweet The Sound blog linky party called Pink Saturday - everyone there will love this post!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful little girl. Love the color of her hair. Love your story. It is precious. You're right she did an amazing job on her teacup!

  3. So fun!!!! I want fo come play, too! Is it alright if i use some of your ideas here? I just adore your vintage wares with arrangements in them. So beautiful! I have a picture to send you! Have fun flowering!

  4. Mel i had a lovely day with you thank you for letting me come over for a play love from laura !!!

  5. Mel Thank you so much for so generously offering your time and knowledge to give Miss Laura such a lovely afternoon. I think you and her are like two peas in a pod, you share a love of beautiful treasures. She truly is the love of my life and it was a joy to see you two creating. Your blog was so beautiful ( as it is every week ) but it made me cry! Big kiss and hug, Karen ( Laura's mum) xx

  6. Oh my goodness! What a beauty! I can tell she has the eye for posies!

  7. Dear Mel
    This is the most touching thing that I have ever seen I have watched it a dozen times and cried every time. You are a treasure.I hope when Laura goes to you for another flower day I can cime to Love and hugs Nannie Janxxxxxxxx

  8. Darling, darling, darling. How special for you create her dream come true. Love her beautiful hair - Anne of Green Gables!

    Just wanted to let you know that I am your newest follower!

    I'll be back soon!


  9. She looks very sweet and did do an amazing job on her little flower arrangement......Happy July with love Janice

  10. Miss Laura is certainly a natural! I envy her her wonderful red hair!!