Thursday, 27 June 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS A Pretty Wreath In Blues And Mauves

Today I had an order to make a funeral wreath.
I LOVE wreaths but this one was a sad one.

I guess funerals are the sad part of floristry and working with flowers.
The wreath was for a gentleman so I chose a blue/mauve colour scheme. The pale lilac coloured Freesias toned down the bright blue Iris' and the grey foliage perfectly complimented it all.

Flowers chosen
Spray Carnations

Foliage chosen
Native Australian Woolly Bush
Rolled Leaves
and an unknown mystery grey foliage that a friend picked in her garden for me.

and I loved the end result

                                       Stunning blue Iris
and soft mauve Freesias that smell so sweet


Olive foliage represents the gentleman's Greek heritage and gives it a personal touch.

                   .......and the finished product looks beautiful.


  1. Beautiful blues! Come over and see my sister-in-law's gorgeous blue hydrangeas! They are one post back.

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS, and so thoughtful!
    Love your work!!

  3. When grief comes to visit it brings the most unexpected hurdles one has to overcome - how wonderful that you can be a part of assisting in showing the care of a loved one passed - how wonderful that you are true in your craft... Congratulations on such a great done job :)

  4. What an amazing tribute! He would have loved it!

  5. I love the blues - so vibrant and uplifting at such a sad time. It's brilliant how you've included aspects of teh client's personality and heritage too.