Friday, 7 June 2013

French Blue and Peachy Pink Vintage Feathers

Searching for vintage items for my new business is lots of fun but a challenge at the same time as I am doing it all on a shoe string.

If it is priced well, is in good condition and of course it must be vintage or antique, then I am interested.

This week I stumbled upon a big bag of fluffy vintage feathers under a pile of linens in a second hand store.
I had something in mind for them and the bag cost me $5 for the lot so it was affordable.
Apparently they came from some old vintage hats that were too far gone to salvage (sad really).

The pale blue/grey and pink tones of these fluffy feathers are so soft and pretty and they made for a nice photo shoot too !

It wasn't belong before the feathers found their way into an old Victorian vase for display. They can sit here while that wait to be re purposed once again.



They remind me of angel wings.....

I have taken so many beautiful photographs this week to share with you all and since it is a long weekend here this weekend I will catch up on all of my blogging that I have been missing while setting up my business. I really do miss my photography and blogging.

Have a fun weekend, stay warm and toasty and out of the cold and I will see you all again next week.

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  1. Flowers and feathers are a divine combination!