Monday, 10 June 2013

Meet My New Friend Mabel.......She Is A Dress Form !

Meet the newest member of the

Her name is 'Mabel' and she is a rusty old dress form from an old country town dress store.

Mabel's job description is to stand there and look pretty.
She must work long hours, not complain and to model any new designs that I create.
She can be hired out for weddings or other function as required. I think she would look fab standing at the doorway to an event welcoming the guests.
She is a little rusty but aged to perfection. 
She is around the age of 70 so is ageing quite gracefully really. She has a friend by the name of 'Ettie' who will be joining her soon as these sisters are (and were) quite close and should never be parted. Ettie seems to have lost her legs (OOps I meant stand) but I am sure that a table will do suffice for her for the moment.

Why the names ?

.......Mabel and Ettie were my Aunty and Grandmother who left this world a little while ago but had a lot to do with my love of flowers. It seems only right that these 2 special girls of mine should be represented in this only fitting way.
They will be dressed up and covered in flowers and will always look lovely as my 2 old girls always did.
My Aunty May had quite the love of sewing lace on all of her dresses and my Grandmother never left the house without powder on her nose or a dab of perfume behind her ear.
These 2 wire dress forms 'Mabel and Ettie' certainly have big shoes to fill...........high heeled ones to be exact !

I am sure that much fun will be had with these new 'toys' of mine. (Ettie will join her sister very soon)

This vintage peach coloured tulle petticoat has been in my cupboard for years waiting for the right 'thing' to use it on. 
Now it will cover Mabel's wire frame.

 A lovely old piece of Victorian lace serves as a scarf to keep her neck warm in this cold weather.
 A happy snap of some of my roses in stock at the moment :-)

 I have BIG plans for these dress forms and I can barely wait to get started on them.


  1. Hi Melanie!
    Oh, I love how your shop looks. I wish I could ship you some peonies.

  2. Beautiful how you have linked in your loved ones with your love of past items, some would look at as eye sores, yet you see the beauty in them. Well done :)

  3. Melaniee,
    I Love Mabel! Cannot wait to see her sister! I also love the metal bedframe behind her. I would have too much fun with you girl... I am trying to ber my own fun and it isn't working so well...LOL!
    Love your flowers, and all your wonderful ideas!
    Hugs and hearts,

  4. Mabel is need a special lady, and she looks right at home in her environment.

  5. Another lovely post Melanie. I do enjoy visiting your beautiful blog.