Monday, 29 July 2013

Flea Market Finds

My cat actually woke me up on the day of the flea  market.
It was 6 am...........oops I slept in !

Yes it is always a very early start but believe it or not 6am wake up is heartbreaking because all of the antique dealers have been through the flea market by this time. They have been there since 4:30am with their torches looking for goodies for their stores.
Hats off to them, because no amount of cool finds will ever get me out of bed in the middle of Winter at 4am.......brrrr

I arrived at 7am and everything was completely picked over and their were spaces everywhere on tables where treasures had once been.........sigh !

The pickings were very slim but I did manage to find some bargains for my Florist store.
Vases and jugs were on top of my list and yes I found some ! YAY

I also found an old vintage baby basket for $5, perfect for carrying my flowers around to markets and very strong and durable.
An old metal bucket completed my haul and off I trotted home to clean and display my new found goodies.

Here are my items found.

 Rusty old tins, Victorian era pottery, Carlton ware biscuit jar, vintage gloves, lace tablecloths and old bottles for my flowers.

 This old Victorian era jardiniere (below left) is my favourite purchase.

 and this dear little bath salt bottle is an original. It's original labels are peeling off the back but the pretty floral label on the front is still intact. The lid has long gone but that won't matter a bit once I get my flowers displayed in it !
                                        How lovely the babies basket is !
 Can you believe that babies were allowed to travel in these baskets in cars until the late 1970's. No seat belts or harness. It is so scary to think about it. I remember sitting next to my baby brother on a very hot vinyl seat in mid Summer in one of these baskets. How fortunate that safety regulations have improved over the years.

 I am always on the look out for old vintage metal buckets for my flowers. The price for these buckets can be ridiculous at times but this one was $7 so I was happy to pay that price.  These buckets have been around 'since the arc' and almost never die like more modern buckets.  
I also picked up 2 pairs of vintage gloves. 1 lace and 1 plain with little rosettes over it (oops I forgot to get closeups)

 These goodies of mine are now all washed up and ready to sell in my florist studio full of flowers.  All one off pieces and totally gorgeous. The thrill of the chase looking for antiques is half the fun but recycling these wonderful pieces into amazing arrangements will be even more fun. The real test will be parting with these treasures !
I hope your weekend was filled with lots of sunshine and fun !


  1. What a great haul you have there! They are just perfect for your beautiful arrangements. Love the baby basket, can just imagine a little one tucked up cosily in there. I remember my sister in a Moses basket, and there are pictures of me in it too.

  2. Melanie, you found so many treasures! I can't let myself think about getting anywhere early. I just figure when I DO wander into an antique shop or a thrift store, the stuff I want to see will be there. Your creativity will make all your flower shop finds GORGEOUS!

  3. Melanie, Love your treasures, but love, Love, LOVE the basket!
    They don't make them like that anymore, do they!


  4. Melanie,
    Where do you think I can get my hands on one of those baskets!
    I cannot get my mind off of it! LOL

  5. Hi Melany!!
    You did good even though you slept late. Those are great items! I especially like that blue and white dish and the jug...such great finds! And the pansies on that crocheted postcard (?) piece is so pretty! Your flower arrangements will have lovely places to be displayed! Hope your business is just as busy as you want it to be!
    And hey, blow some of those cold temps MY way!! 100 degrees here!!
    I am freezing emptied soda bottles (1 and 2 liter) with water for the dogs water bowls!
    I remember STANDING in the FRONT seat of my dad's car with my younger sister while he was driving down the road. We couldn't see over that big tall dashboard, so we stood up. When he had to stop fast his arm reached clear across us. Thankfully we were fine, and he stopped in time, but we had to start sitting. Drats. THEN, when we were forced to sit in the BACK seat, I remember laying in the back WINDOW!! Now I have something to tell my grandchildren. I didn't think I would have anything interesting that would make their mouths fall open, but there...I must write this down!! teehee!
    Hope you're having a wonderful August!
    All the best and lots of hugs,

  6. Melanie, you found some beautiful treasure... I love the pretty Victorian vases and gloves.. The basket is amazing. I just said last nite I haven't been to a flea market for a long time because of my panic disorder. But now that I'm better I think I can go now.. can't wait. Have a wonderful new week.. with love Janice

  7. Hi Melanie, oh my what great finds. Loving all your treasure but the basket is such a great find. I'm also loving the vintage yellow little pitcher, so beautiful. Enjoy all your goodies.