Friday, 19 July 2013

Mabel Gets A New Dress and 3 HATS !

It all began in a dark little second hand store.
'CLOSING DOWN' said the sign
'For Sale, everything must go'.

Who could resist ?

There were racks of clothes, stacks of doilies, old (smelly) shoes and a tub of old vintage purses and scarves.

and when I walked into the back of the store I saw them !!!!!

A quaint old fireplace stood inside a cavity of a wall and a row of the prettiest vintage hats stood there in all of their glory looking at me !
I swear they were smiling when they saw me (yes the hats !)
It was one of those moments where lightening strikes, cymbals clang and your heart races with excitement.
They may as well have had my name flashing above them.

and of course my dearest 'Mabel' came to my mind.
(Mabel is my old rusty dress form)
I pictured her at home in my studio wearing an old shabby pink vintage tulle skirt with a little tear in it.
I knew that this these new hats would be perfect for her (even though she doesn't have a head !!!!!!  frown )

Next thing I saw an old vintage white tulle skirt on a cheap rack for a couple of dollars.
It was perfect Mabel attire on a shoestring budget.

So out I walked with 3 new hats and a new skirt for her !

When I showed Mabel, her new things she almost squealed with excitement (well she would have if she were a real vintage person !)

PINK, WHITE AND BLUE HATS for her to wear on her.............aaahhhhhhhh..........Uuuuuum   Waist ?......Collar ?
Pretend head ?

Oh well, Mabel and I will have to sort that little problem out for ourselves........

Do you like her parasol ?
It's from the 60's
It does well to protect her rusty old bones from the sun

The more I looked at her dressed up the more something appeared to be missing. She needed just a bit of ooomph !

So out came the pink feather boa
and then Mabel really kicked up her (invisible)feet.
Anyone would think that she was hitting the town she was sooo excited !

                 A pair of dainty pink gloves completed her look

                   As pretty as a picture is my sweet girl Mabel
So that is my story about Mabel and her new dress and three hats.
I hope that you liked it.
Maybe you even giggled.
Maybe you might think I am a little crazy
But I definitely keep myself entertained in my little make believe world.  

I was going to introduce you to Mabel's new friend Ettie tonight but I am honestly tired and ready for bed so she will have to wait until another day.  I can assure you that she will be just as out there and zany as Mabel though..........but one little secret about Ettie.
SHE LOOOOOVES the colour blue.
and you can imagine that I am going to make her as pretty as a picture too !



  1. Mabel looks all dressed for the Easter parade! What a fun post.

  2. Oh my goodness...if I need a smile this is the place to come! Mabel LOOKS FABULOUS!!!! Your blog is always filled with the prettiest of prettiest things!!!! I do believe the Dwayne is going to be getting a little teacup in just a moment...what a brilliant idea!!!! LOVE will have to be one of the blue and white ones to match his gravel and vintage of course...we wouldn't want him to deal with common place right : ) I hope to be talking with you soon...i hope and pray that you have the best day ever and your business continues to blossom! You have to let me know if that tag is ok for you...cause I am willing to design one to your specifications my friend!!! You deserve the best! you...

  3. Loved your story glad Mabel is happy with her new threads;-)) The hats are divine and in such fantastic condition.

  4. I love love your new hats, so exciting... well they look just fine hanging around Mabel... lovely post..Happy Saturday with love Janice

  5. A lovely post. Mabel is so well dressed. What pretty hats.

  6. What a beautiful makeover for Mabel! Those hats are fabulous. I love her sweet buckle and lace choker too. Great finds Melanie!! HUGS, Heidi

  7. Wow lucky Mabel! She looks lovely. The floral hats are amazing. What a fortuitous experience!