Thursday, 18 July 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS A Sweet Wrist Corsage

This week on Thursday Flowers 
I bring you a really pretty little wrist corsage.

I am loving class at the moment because we are doing lots of really pretty wedding work and I am soaking up all the information like a sponge.
I look forward to class each week but am feeling sad at the thought that in a few months I will be finished. Our beautiful teacher and my fun filled classmates make each week so fun and interesting and we all have plenty of giggles.

These last few months will be filled with funeral work and exams......frown :-(

BUT this week we continued on with more wedding work.
Unfortunately I left my camera at home so I can't show you more photo's.

1 day after making my little wrist corsage I took a few happy snaps to show you. I kept my corsage in the fridge overnight in a sealed container to keep it fresh.

Flowers and foliage of choice this week


 My daughter was kind enough to lend her pretty hands to model my work. Try to ignore the fact that she didn't have a pretty dress on to make it a lot nicer.

(sneek peek at Mabel below)
My dainty little corsage looks lovely on my daughters pretty hands
 Corsages need not be restricted to the wrist or shoulder. Why not dress up your evening purse with a little bag spray.
For those who have a Christening or morning wedding to attend, this would also be sweet.

 I had planned to make an all white corsage but the purple Asters caught my eye and I couldn't resist their bright little faces.

          It has been so nice to be blogging with you all tonight.
              I have a glorious blog post for you all tomorrow.
                                Do you remember Mabel ?
                          Well, MABEL GOT A NEW DRESS !
                               and she looks soooo pretty !
          and even more exciting, she has found herself a friend !

          If you don't know who Mabel is, then you can find out all              about her HERE or see one of her other pretty dresses HERE

       So be sure to pop back in tomorrow to see what all of the fuss                               is and wink :-) ;-)


  1. I love the corsage, Melanie! Beautiful. Your daughter has pretty hands and nails.

  2. Lovely! Amazing how even just a few artfully arranged blooms can have such a strong effect.