Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello Petals, It's Me !

                                        Hello friends
                                    Yes it really is me !

                                      I have been busy
                      making people smile with my flowers.

                                      It really is a joy

         I thought you might all like to see what I can do now.

I like to put flowers on EVERYTHING……..including shoes !

       Above….. This image taken by the very lovely Beth Powell from Powell Photography.
Taken on a vintage fashion modelling shoot at a beautiful Lavender farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia.   I was so fortunate to be part of this amazing shoot.

 Of course I made sure that there was a tea party on the modelling shoot.
I even had the super stunning models munching on beautiful cookies at the end of our busy day.

and I have also been making lots of lovely brides flower wishes come true.  Seeing their faces on their wedding day when I deliver their blooms is absolutely priceless !
What a wonderful gift flowers are.
The bouquets pictured above belonged to a beautiful bride Danielle.
She longed for a very forest inspired rustic bouquet.
I almost didn't want to give it to her on the day, I loved it soooo much.

Images by Rachael Fowler Photography.
(You are a clever lady Rach)

and then I love to create one off pieces with a little bit of difference.
Working with antique china of course !

If only you could smell these garden roses…

Last but not least are the pretty flower crowns.
This one below has been a personal favourite.

My flea market and antiquing days aren't nearly as frequent as once before.  But I have to admit my heart beats double time when I walk into the flower market in the wee hours of the morning and a gazillion flowers are there to greet me……

Life is fun, fullfilling and full of challenges.   I find it tricky to blog these days but I will pop in to share a story or some pretty eye candy whenever I can.

                      I really do miss you all so much !

I dedicate this flowery post to my dearest friend Andrea who inspired my wonderful journey to begin.  She offered a challenge and I dared to take it.   It is never too late to change your life…..

             Go on……..go out on a limb and reach for the stars.
                            it really is inspiring up there in the sky.

                                      Love to you all


  1. Wow! I love the shoe flowers and the crown. YOU are really thriving and blessing so many! Yay!

  2. Welcome back,Melanie, your flowers are beautiful. Great to see you doing so well and loving it!

  3. Hello Melanie!!
    It is wonderful to get to see some of your beautiful work! Those flowers and bouquets, oh my, I would love to be a bride again and have you do my flowers! So excited to know you are loving what you do. Miss you though! You are in my thoughts a lot. Pearl doll sits and watches me in my craft room, so I have company at least! Great to see your post.
    Hugs to you sweet friend,

  4. Amazing pics Mrlanie! You are so talented! So glad you are doing something you adore. I would hate to have a job I didn't love.

  5. What a beautiful blog you have Melanie! Your floral creations are wonderful. I did silk florals for weddings a while back and truly enjoyed it. But there's nothing like the fresh scent of real flowers!! You are very talented Melanie. I enjoyed my visit so much!

    Blessings, Edie Marie

  6. Melanie,
    It is so much fun watching your talents "Bloom and Grow" along your journey! I am so happy for your happiness! You are amazing with what you do with florals....Just LOVE them all! Keep enjoying your new creations! Thanks for sharing them with us!