Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dance As Though No one Is Watching

Dance As Though No one is watching.......

AND That is just what these very special people did one very fabulously, amazing night.

Today I bring you a very talented group of performers. They are 'ENCORE ON STAGE'.  They are a group of people of all ages who have a range of different intellectual and physical disabilities. They have performed in the USA in Disneyland and for numerous community concerts. They are an inspiration to all who have been so lucky to see them.  Every single one of them is a star in their own right and the carers who teach them their dances and are their friends are stars as well........

(I apologise for the poor quality photos as my camera doesn't perform too well in the dark.)

The very lovely Laura looking as gorgeous as she always does !

Isn't she precious !  She thought she was a true Rock and roll star !  and you know what.....SHE WAS !!  you go girl !!

My gorgeous brother 3rd from the left

Belly dancing beauty.
This beauty I have known since she was a toddler. She always has a huge big hug for me and has the biggest heart in the world.

Doesn't his smile light up your day !

To my brother Scott,
I am so very proud of you and your dancing.
May you always dance as though no one is watching.
Lots of Love

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