Wednesday, 26 October 2011

May Angels Wrap Their Wings Around You

Sometimes in one's life we fall into a dark hole......

That dark hole is a very lonely place seems like the world is against you. It feels like every thorn in the world is in your side.

When these moments arrive REMEMBER and KNOW, that angels walk beside us every day.
They are silent beings who hold our hearts tenderly in their hands. They are the silent words in our head that tell us not to cross the road when it is not safe. 
They are the breeze that sweeps past you when you could swear that someone just passed by.
They are the invisible touch on your shoulder and when you turn around there is nobody there.
They have been with you from the beginning and they will be there to embrace you when it is your time to depart

They are sometimes living creatures who come in the form of a friend.
They are sometimes a Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle or even a child.

They are sacred beings to be acknowledged and thanked.
Their grace, wisdom and love keep us safe..........BUT.......
occasionally when the world goes crazy and sorrow and negativity is then, that the angels will tenderly hold your hand, walk beside you and wipe away your tears. You are NEVER alone in this world.

Dear friend of mine....(you know who you are).  I want you to know that happiness always shines in the face of adversity. Love will ALWAYS win over hate. Twinkling stars will always outshine a dark night. Find the goodness that is everywhere in this world and let it defeat the negativity. Do not let the darkness win your fight !
I would like to gift you a gift....
Beyond the clouds of darkness  I have a special place that I have visited before. It lies in a beautiful garden in the back of my mind. I walk up the front path of a beautiful country house and as I look into the house, you can see straight through into the back garden. It is in this garden that you find a little seat.
It is sitting on a cobblestone path and surrounded by rambling roses and centuries old fruit trees.  It is in a sunny position and is warm and safe. 
I will lend you this safe place to go to when times are tough.  Close your eyes and think of it and you will be there in an instant.  Spend a few moments there, gather your thoughts and remind yourself that you are strong and can win this fight.  The door into this place is always open to friends.........

BE STRONG and always know that you are loved. 

                                 Blessings and friendship


  1. i am so very glad that i found your blog -- you speak from the heart and it gives such hope...thank are just what i needed this morning and i am sending you a kind and genuine hug! bless...

  2. Thankyou so much just made me smile xo