Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

My Grandparents used to have these lights on their Christmas tree.........
I remember very well being all of 3 years old and being told not to touch them because they were hot !  I loved the funny looking little faces of these little lights. The bright colours used to stand out against the white tinsel branches of their tree in the early 70's. These little faces would enchant me and my imagination would take me to fairyland. I thought that the fairies would love these little lights and as my grandparents always kept a flower garden I knew the fairies weren't all that far away. 
The Christmas tree was often placed in the front window of their home (as it still does today)  and passing traffic would admire the pretty lights in the front window.
There were many, many vintage baubles and pretty glass ornaments on their tree.  Over the years I came to look forward to seeing them on the tree each year.

Years rolled along........

Then one year came and on a visit to my Grandparents home I walked into their front room and found myself looking at a new Christmas tree. It was green instead of the white and it was covered in all brand new decorations and lights. Gone were my beloved favourite Christmas lights with the funny faces.  Needless to say I immediately asked my Grandmother where all of the old decorations were. I was so disappointed to hear her response "Oh those old things.....I tossed them out in the rubbish, they were soooo old and I wanted to put up some new ones!"
I could have cried !!!

Now days I see the same string of Christmas lights (if you are very lucky) in antique stores and they sell for a small fortune too !
The beautiful glass ornaments and celluloid Santa figurines are there in display cases as well. This is how I now remember my Grandparents Christmas Tree.

My Grandmother is not a hoarder at all. She throws anything out that hasn't had a use in a while and she dislikes antiques and any old. She visits our home and comments on how we could really use some 'new' furniture and how the white paint on our furniture looks chippy and worn.......lol
I don't even tell her that's the way it is supposed to look !! She just wouldn't understand at all, as a matter of fact she would think that I was crazy !

The only decorations kept from my childhood memories at their house is a pair of plastic blow up Santa and reindeer figures.
They have stood in the front window under the Christmas tree for as long as I can remember. They have had slow leaks and have been patched up lovingly by my Grandfather a number of times.
For some reason these little treasures have survived the years and my Grandmother has not thrown them into the rubbish.
Last week on a visit to their house I took my camera out and began taking photo's of them.........just in case !!!!

These particular lights are from a private collection of a special friend of mine. I am very grateful that he shared his treasures with me.
Thanks Neil xo


  1. Love that Santa and reindeer Mel!!

  2. Aren't they cute ! They are 40 years old can you believe it !