Monday, 23 January 2012

A Basket Full Of Loveliness.....Antiquing Saturday Finds

Saturday's are my favourite day of the week!

I grab my pretty green basket and off I go into the sunset......
Well in actual fact, I go and have a nice cup of tea with my lovely friend Miss M and then we often hit the antique stores in search of all things gorgeous !

Saturday just gone was extra busy though.
My lovely friends are selling their house and they were having their very first 'Open for inspection'.
Very exciting but nerve racking at the same time.  I will share that news with you tomorrow though as I am bursting to show you what my Saturday finds were. 

This is just a sneak peek at this pretty lady. I will share all of her with you later in the week. I just loooove her !

This little piggy went to market.....   My lovely friend Miss M spotted this piggy with wings in an antique shop that we rarely visit.  It is a great little shop, it has dust and stuff everywhere and the fellow who runs it prices very well.  These are the type of shops I have realised through the years that are full of the best finds.  The fellow was helpful and happy to chatter and in his unorganised chaos he knew where everything was.  

This little piggy was a sweet gift from my lovely friend Miss M. Now when we make the comment that pigs can fly we know that it is true ! lol

The beautiful fresh eggs were from her very cheeky hens in her chookhouse up in the corner of her back yard. They are so fresh and yummy !

These pears made a beautiful centrepiece for her table..........(A bit more about that tomorrow)

These antique greeting cards are sooooo pretty ! 
Miss M treated me to these as well. I was feeling very loved and spoilt by this point.  A coffee later on in the afternoon at a beautiful new restaurant in town completed our afternoon. We sat and watched the ocean, sipped on our coffee and spoke of all things that made our heart sing. 

                   A wonderful day all in all !
               Thank you for a fun day Miss M !


  1. OH MY!!!! that flying pig is to die for -- i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! i am so jealous (in a nice friend way : ) lol!!!!! this is such a gorgeous post -- i adore it!!!!! sweetie -- i did not see your mailing address yet? could you please send it to me: -- i want to send your prize down under : ) tons of hugs!!!!

    1. Oh thankyou for your beautiful comment always make me smile when I hear from you ! I sent you my address the very day I won the little treasures ? I wondered why I hadn't heard back from you. I'll resend it again now so let me know if it doesn't reach you xo

  2. Thanks for the tip on the hydrangeas on the dryng rack! Great idea! Love all your finds and can't wait to hear the story on the pears!

  3. Love the pig with wings...what a wonderful day to spend a Saturday~

  4. Thankyou girls it is lovely to hear from you all xxx

  5. Melanie,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I appreciate it. I am having a sad day, one of my favorite chickens died. That is why I put the picture of the chick up at the beginning of the post. Silly, but it made me feel better, kind of a tribute to an old friend.
    I am a new follower. Actually I thought I was already following you, but when I clicked to follow I wasn't, so I am now!!!!! I love your blog and I remember going through it before and really enjoying the posts. Have a wonderful day my new friend!