Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Sun Sets On My Fading Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are included in my top 5 favourite flowers.........

They offer massive blooms, the prettiest of colours, longevity and they offer a cosy haven for the fairy world !
(or so I thought when I was a little girl!)

So the other day whilst playing in my garden....
I snipped the last few remaining heads of my hydrangea bush and created a pretty little display.  My favourite, favourite, favourite colour would definitely be white but I still enjoy this pretty mauve/violet/pink shade. 
I love the late afternoon sunset bouncing off the pretty blooms.  Hydrangeas represent Summer, parties and my very early days at Preschool.  One of my very first memories as a little tot is riding a little blue tricycle in and out of a clump of hydrangeas at preschool.
I sent my own children to this very same preschool and those same old beautiful hydrangea bushes are still there.
Each year when my children finished preschool for the year, the teachers would pick a great big bunch of these hydrangeas and give them to me as a gift.  It is one of my greatest memories from those early years, both for mine and  my children's early years.  Those Hydrangea bushes represent fun and freedom and creativity.  In my little mind all of those years ago I would wait with baited breath for fairies to appear out of these bushes.
The fairy queen would have looked stunning in her little pale blue bud clustered dress. I can imagine she would have had a lady bird walking behind her on a little lead made out of violet stems and she would have carried a handbag made of strawberry leaves.    Oh the imagination of a child ! 


  1. I love hydrangeas, too! It's winter here....but spring will be here soon!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!! they are just so sweet -- one of my moms favorites -- once again your post touches my heart! sending tons of hugs my friend and i can't find you hook up to the impossibilities -- i want to tell the world about what you are doing!!!!!! : ) tons and tons of hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Andrea I am definately on there ? I can see it from my end ? It is the photo of the little 'Wish" box

  4. oh my sweet friend! i am so so happy! my eyes must be going funky! lol!!!!! i am so happy that you received your little parcel and shared with your mum! : ) sending you tons of hugs from new jersey and keep enjoying the summer!!! the flower are lovely -- you surely have the GREEN thumb!!!! hugs!!!!!

  5. I love your post Malanie, so sweet. I also do love Hydrangeas. I saw my first bush about 3 years ago much north of where we live. I made my husband stop so I could walk to it and just look at it. I've gotten them from the flower shop but, never before that time did I see a real tree. I just love yours they are just beautifu.

  6. Andrea you make me laugh "Funky Eyes !" lol I would love our Summer even more if it would stop raining. There is a lot of flooding up North and we are getting all of the fringe rain. I am feeling very waterlogged and have a sore throat as a result hence not as many posts this week. I have been loving your posts though xo

    Marlene do you think you could grow Hydangeas in your area, they are soooo easy to grow and vertually look after themselves. They only need a prune and a feed once a year and they are happy x

  7. Miss Melanie!!! how are you sweetie! just telling you i need another FLOWER FIX : ) lol!!!!! no one does it better than you! sending tons of hugs your way!!! talk soon!