Friday, 10 February 2012

And So My New Journey Begins.....

"Welcome to floristy," said my new teacher to the class. 
I sat,  eyes to the front of the class with visions of my childhood flashing before me !  It had been many years since my brain had been fortunate enough to be tickled with information . I was intrigued and excited at what I was about to hear.
Years of raising children and being a Mummy seemed light years away and my mind seemed to open up like a sponge ready to receive all information that was delivered to it.

The class was silent and the ice had not yet broken in the room. The teacher slowly but surely began the task of welcoming us all and making us all feel comfortable. There were girls straight out of school and also some older girls like me who were looking forward to a career change.  Slowly but surely the lovely, jovial, happy teacher had us all smiling and laughing and I knew that I was truly right where I needed to be.  All doubts as to whether this course was right for me went dashing out of the window.
You know how sometimes 'you just know that things were going to be great'.....well this was one of those times.

Information overload about the nitty gritty of the course began our day, followed by a tour of the grounds.  Morning tea and lunchtime passed and by then I had met some lovely women who were all just as excited to be taking the course.

Tools of our new trade were given out and even though they were just a bunch of everyday tools that one would find in a hardware shop, somehow to me, they seemed like treasures.

We decorated these tools with tiny beads so they would not be confused with others (of course I chose pink and blue beads for mine!)

Later in the afternoon, finally, we were able to have a bit of creative fun.  Our first task was to tie a florist bow. You know the ones that the florists use to tie up your bunch of flowers with ?  
Rolls of pretty coloured ribbons were handed out and off we went.
There was rolling, cutting, twisting and turning.
There were sighs of frustration followed shortly afterwards with happiness and jubilation.

My first attempt looked like a steam roller had rolled over the top of it !
My second attempt was a little bit better.

But my third was declared perfect by the teacher !

I was seriously happy with my new found skill (as small as it was) and left the classroom finding myself longing for the next week when I would take my next class.
The teacher was gorgeous, full of laughter and encouragement and I knew that this was the beginning of something quite special.

But I just cannot wait until I can get my hands around one of these below.  I am simply bursting to know how to create something extraordinary with a bunch of roses.

I have so many ideas swimming around my brain. 
I have ideas of my signature trademark just waiting patiently to be used.
I will wait though,

for once in my life I know that I will enjoy the journey and not just the destination.  I will embrace each moment and not wish for the day to be over.
I guess that's how I know that I am definitely in the right place and at  the right time.

and so I walk forward with a smile and a healthy mind set.
I will look forward to sharing my journey with you all.


I have decided that my new career needs a new collection.
I am on the hunt for these prickly, quite ugly in fact, little spiky metal things called 'FLOWER FROGS'.   They sit at the bottom of a vase and hold the flowers perfectly in place.   

So I will search tomorrow on my beloved 'Antiquing Saturday' and hope that I will find one.


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  1. oh my friend -- it sounds like you had an amazing time! i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy for you and i know that today at school was even more fabulous and exciting! can't wait to hear and see more of what you have been up to!!!! great things in your future my friend -- great things!!!! sending tons of (((HUGS)))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! much love and you are welcome ANY TIME...door is always open!