Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day Picnic

Valentines Day

A very special day of the year for lovers and all who love romance

Each year I smile a little bit extra on Valentines Day.  The reason being, is that my dear husband and I were married around this time of the year quite a lot of years ago now.  It is a popular time of the year to be married, It is Summer time, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the birds are chirping.
Well in actual fact, that sounds good in theory but the truth is, is that the heavens opened the day we were married. The big guy upstairs decided to send us a heavy downpour as soon as we said "I do"....lol    
It is supposed to be good luck, or so I am told anyway !  As far as I'm concerned we had enough rain that lovely day to live happily ever after for the next 10 lifetimes !

After guests were confined to the church for quite sometime after the nuptials, we gave up on our garden photographs and had to have them inside the church.
It was a bit of a disappointment as I had such wonderful plans of outdoor garden pics but our happiness shone through on our faces anyway. We were blissfully in love and looked forward to our life together as one.

Each year on Valentines Day we celebrate with a card, flowers, chocolates or a yummy dinner out together.
I think it's important to celebrate this milestone.
Today I decided to set a Valentines Day afternoon picnic (children invited of course!) to celebrate.

This old, rusty birdcage floats around our garden and has been the base of many display's.  Today it shows off these pretty vintage Valentines.
A couple of antique wooden pegs hold the postcards firmly in place.

I know our 4 gorgeous children will all make a dash for the heart shaped lollypops as soon as they spot them !  YUMMY

and these pretty heart candy lollies are mine........

bubblegum flavoured

The heart shaped pans pictured above belonged to my beautiful Grandmother.  She passed them down to me and I also found more in an antique shop one day.  They are well loved and hold many memories of birthday cakes of yesteryear.

Alas today is hot and sunny and this sweet little chocolate dipped shortbread, jam filled tart began to melt........SO I POPPED IT IN MY MOUTH BEFORE IT WAS SPOILT !  (well I couldn't let it go to waste could I !)

Tomorrow on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I will share with you the sweetest Antique greeting card. It is one of my most favourite cards in my collection and it shares a very special message on the back from it's sender.

Have a romantic and love filled day.
May you share love with someone special and if you are single......may cupid be up there sitting on a cloud with his bow and arrow drawn taking aim at you with his love potion.
You just never know what lies around the corner!


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