Thursday, 9 February 2012

Very Chic and Stylish Teenage Boy's Room

Teenage Boy Haven
Having teenage boys around the house can be a very smelly and unorganised ordeal for many. The little grubs are generally renowned for throwing their socks on the floor and hiding empty food packets and glasses under their beds.  My lot think that I don't know that when they sneak goodies out of the treat basket that I will never find the wrappers under their beds.......oh yes they are just charming little darlings !

Well this is definitely NOT the case for my lovely friend Miss M. This is her son's room and I have never seen a thing out of place in his room. He has quite the eye for antiques and decorating and quite fancies a career as an Architect.  Quite frankly I am sure he was born to be one.  His beautiful nature reflects his taste in all things handsome and divine. He can appreciate the finer things in life and has the kindest most gentlest soul.  His love for dance and art reflects beautifully in his amazing bedroom. From the vintage black telephone to the sparkling colour spectrum chandelier, his room reeks of sophistication and charm.

One wall features a shimmery teal blue and white stripe and the calm white walls and polished floors compliment it all beautifully.

The bold red chair pops out to greet you as soon as your eye sweeps the it !

and this is Milo......

He can usually be found curled up in a ball on the end of the bed.

Isn't he just a beautiful boy......purrrrrr

Tomorrow on French Blue and Peachy Pink
I will fill you all in on how the first day of my Floristry course went and I will show you my very first creation  (no flowers yet though!)

It has been a big week but one that holds so much happiness.
I hope that your week is rolling along just as gently and that this post finds you smiling and happy ! 


  1. awesome room! love the hot air balloon print -- really COOL!!!!!! can't wait to hear how the first day went!!!! : ) BIG SMILE!!! sending hugs -- your "black" thumb friend : ) lol!!! it's true! lol!!!!

    1. Surely you can't be that bad !! :-)
      Soil, water, love.....easy !

  2. Wow! I love the colors in the room....the blue stripes with the pop of red....perfection! Thanks for the inspiration.