Monday, 6 February 2012

Playing In My Garden

Hello dear friends,

Welcome to the start of a brand new week !
It is going to be  quite a big week for me as my new endeavours will be starting and I will commence studies for the first time in many years. I am a little nervous if the truth be known but I am also so excited at my newly sought out path.  I will be crossing a big line through one of the mentionables on my bucket list.
My creative mind is already going wild with possibilities

I will also update you all on the auction of Miss M's home.  I thought I would share a pic later in the week of her son's bedroom, a must see for all of those ladies out there with teenage boys. We have been primping each weekend to make her house smell glorious and look amazing for inspection days.
There is so much to share with you all !


After feeling a little under the weather last week I decided to blast the germs away with some fun in the garden. I took my beloved camera and a few pretty bits and pieces out into my garden and let my heart and mind take over.  Relaxation at it's best !

I hope you will all enjoy the results of my fun !

It all began with a small collection of pretty things that had caught my eye....

                             A tiny offering to the fairies.....

There is something wonderful about the cocoon of a dormant bulb.  Raw, earthy, protective and sleepy and waiting patiently for it's perfect moment to explode into abundant life. Just begging for that particular moment to be placed yet again in the raw, moist earth to begin it's journey of growth.

and before I forget, these two lovelies pictured above are for my sweet friend Andrea who 'needed a flower fix'.....enjoy my friend x

Tomorrow I will share with you my 'Back to School' story.  Yes the time has new adventure begins !  and not a day too soon, I am sooo looking forward to it.

I will see you then


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  1. oh my sweet sweet friend! not only did you send me a flower fix...the flowers are PRETTY IN PINK!!!!!! oh be still my heart -- these are so lovely and gorgeous! thank you thank you thank you for the sheer beauty!!!! and for your incredible and loving friendship!!!! i am sending you tons of healing rays and millions of hugs!!!! you are in my thoughts and prayers and i hope you are feeling a bit better : ) love to you and we will talk soon!!!
    thank you -- this is such a FABULOUS POST!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!!!! hugs (hugs)...