Thursday, 15 March 2012

Thursday Flowers

                         Thursday Flowers

The garage door opens and the florist delivery van arrives. Lots of excited girls wait with excitement to see what flowers we will have to work with this week.
The choice of flowers is completely up to our lovely teacher. Being at the beginner stage we are 'teething on' sturdy, tough flowers that will with stand our not so gentle approach.

How I long for the day when lush bunches of Peonies and huge hydrangea blossom arrive.........or maybe tiny sweet smelling violets.........    there is soooo much to look forward to!
But I have to learn to crawl before I can walk.  I cannot go into this like a bull at a gate like I usually do.  I am learning to wait my patience and to do things as I learn to do them.
This week we worked with Chrysanthemums, Asters, Lizzianthus and Gerberas. 
The boxes of flowers are unpacked with gusto and out onto the desks come armload after armload of fragrant flowers. The classroom literally smells like a flower shop!  
We all stand there eyeing off the blooms working out colour schemes in our minds and then  WHOOSH.....a flurry of activity when it comes time to select our choices.
For some unknown reason I am led to the pink selection (lol).  My obsession with all things pink and blue is becoming apparent each week as I stray constantly to anything in those colours. Heaven help the day when orange strays on my path. I seriously cannot stand the colour orange ! It is one of those colours that irritates me. I prefer soothing pastels or white.  But the thought of an orange flower.....sheeesh !  
So this week we created our bunch with our selection of blooms, pulled it apart and then had to then arrange it again into an oasis in a dish.  It was lots of fun and my soul was very happy as a result !
Pictured below is my day of fun and learning.

We have to take our own greenery along each week. This weeks selection comes from our lovely neighbours next door.  Thanks girls !x

and this was the final result !.
It isn't quite FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK but trust day I will be jumping for joy when that colour scheme arrives and I will be as proud as punch to show them off to you all.

Until tomorrow

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  1. oh these flowers are just so gorgeous! what a great school!!!! : ) i know how much you are loving this experience and i am so happy that we are along for the ride!!!! hugs...