Friday, 16 March 2012

Happy and Proud Tears......Antique Night Dresses

This post leaves me with a lump in my throat.
Why you ask ?

I am sharing with you a few nightdresses from my antique and vintage nightdress collection. 
One of the nightdresses pictured and the little peachy coloured bed jacket to go with it belonged to my dear old Grandma.
I have featured it before on my of my first ever posts. It hangs in all of it's glory on a pretty hanger in my bedroom.
It is one of the first things I see when I wake up and it kind of makes me feel like Grandma is still there close by, watching over me as I know she would be.

When I decided to do this post I asked my gorgeous girl to help me out with some modelling and of course she said yes.
I watched her walk out into the front garden wearing my Grandma's nightdress and bed jacket and I had a wee little tear in my eye.
I so wished that my Grandma could have seen her. She would have been so, so happy !  My grandma was in early stages of dementia when our daughter was born so she didn't get to see my girl growing up.  She would have just loved her so much.
The sweet peachy coloured bed jacket was a gift to my grandmother  from her own mother who hand made this jacket for her to wear in the hospital after she gave birth to my Dad. It has a sweet history and I just treasure it !  The tiny stitches of love are simply precious. A home made gift is to be treasured.

So this post, I dedicate to my beloved Grandma who is watching from a soft fluffy cloud somewhere in heaven. She is sitting up there smiling down on her beautiful great grand daughter sipping on a hot cup of tea.  Her big blue eyes would be twinkling and there would be a gorgeous smile on her face.

This is for you Grandma xo

 and as my sweet girl sat out in the late afternoon sun drying her freshly washed hair.........
a visitor came to have a sticky beak !  Our friendly neighbourhood furry friend Bart from next door.  He quite fancies our place as his home away from home.
He hopped off his cosy wicker table that he curls up on and he sauntered on down to see what Miss Ruby was doing in the garden.

Turns out that he quite fancies roses as well.......

After all 'Who doesn't !'

                      See you all next week.
It has been a pleasure, as always to chat with you all !

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  1. well my friend -- tears are flowing from my eyes...what a beautiful post! i am sure that your Grandma watches from above...i know that she is and she saw your beautiful daughter and her heart is smiling! thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us today...sending you tons of hugs and much love...