Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Vintage Doorstop

Who's ever bought something completely ridiculous on Ebay ?  you end up in a bidding war,it ends up costing a fortune in shipping.......etc etc. 
Well this is one of those things ! lol

I bought it years ago now. It is perfectly chippy and age warn and completely shabby just the way I like it.

The husband took one look at it and shook his head....

The children thought that the dealer had sent me his rubbish by mistake....
and my Grandmother told me to toss it in the bin ! lol

But I just had to have it !  When it arrived it was as heavy as lead and bursting out of the box. Customs had even stuck their head in the package to see what on earth it was !  lol

WELL!!!  To every bodies surprise this heavy ornate little treasure has come in quite handy over the years.  It is perfect to stub ones toe on when you enter a room and it even scratches my freshly painted floors !

But on a good note, it finds it's way to any breezy doorways, holds open those pesky doors that just refuse to stay open and it makes me smile every time I look at it.  Those critics who fancied to scorn must all have their tales in between their legs now.  This pretty little girl has cast away any doubt of serving a purpose and happily smiles right back at those critics now.

I do fancy cast iron door stops and have seen lots of pretty ones since on Ebay, but I haven't been game enough to actually buy another !
So this one will have to serve our household with a smile.  I will hide her from my Grandfather who suggested he give it a fresh coat of paint and I will admire her paling colours and appreciate her fading beauty. Time has withered her and age is showing on her face, but like a good old friend I will continue to love her and thank her for helping me out in our home !


  1. oh she is gorgeous!!!! her chippy fading beauty just makes me smile! i would say that my big toe would be bigger because i would be the one stubbing my toe -- but it would be worth it!!! : ) the first thought i had was CUSTOMS : ) LOL!!!! thanks for sharing yet another smile my friend -- sending you and yours tons of hugs!!!

  2. I can just picture the poor guy at Customs who wondered why on earth this piece of chippy rubbish was being shipped across the world ! lol