Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Country Garden......Thursday Flowers

Thursday Flowers is generally a regular feature of mine showcasing my arrangements from floristry class.Today however I have decided to bring Thursday flowers to you from Tocal Homestead.
I promise you that next week I will more then make up for it as I have been very busy making lots of lovely flower arrangements that I really would love to show you.

But today since we are coming very quickly to the end of our week (time flies by so fast doesn't it?) I thought that this very pretty country garden would inspire you all for a spot of weekend gardening.

Keeping in mind that here in Australia we are in Autumn so our gardens are lying dormant, or almost anyway.
Even though there are few flowers blooming in this garden, the charm of this sweet country garden still resonates. It is old fashioned and full of charm and personality.
Lavender, Daisies, Nasturtiums and herbs are to name a few.
Take a look for yourself.

Be inspired by simplicity

The ever humble and faithful Nasturtium is a must in any country cottage garden

I love this gated section of garden. The cobblestone path is lovely !

Lavender and Chamomile.......very sweet and great for a home first aid garden.

and I can't forget the compost heap, complete with what looks like a Pumpkin or squash vine growing over the fence.

I have a cottage style garden myself and at the moment it is looking very sad and sorry for itself. The roses are all but finished, my perennials are dying off and my ever faithful Butterfly bush (Budlea) is waiting for a light chop off the top to get rid of dead blooms.
It is my least favourite time of the year in the garden.  My pansies are the only thing saving me from complete dullness.

Visiting Tocal Homestead inspired me and drew my attention to the fact that I need more texture, use of interesting foliage and not so much focus on the flowers. I will soon be visiting my local nursery to buy a few new plants to put in.

Looking forward to you visiting again tomorrow
Thank you to my beautiful,loyal readers who always take time out to follow my stories and leave sweet comments on here and also face book.

Blowing a kiss to you all

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