Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The Crafts At Tocal Homestead

The love of craft was obvious in the rooms at Tocal Homestead.  Bags of unfinished knitting lay beside chairs waiting for their owner to lovingly pick up where they left off.
 Divine tapestry firescreens and a sweet cross stitch sampler by a very young 11 year old, Janet Robertson graced the walls.
Gorgeous old Singer sewing machines sat in light filled windows of upstairs bedrooms. 
As I stood there mesmerised by the arts and crafts my mind wandered back to an age where these crafts were enjoyed nightly by women and girls who would relax not by a television screen, but by a kerosene lamp enjoying the twilight relaxation ritual.  Beautiful creations appeared one by one as the artist created and spun her magic. 
I really feel as if these crafts are dying slowly to an age of humanity who have taken time to run themselves ragged from day to day. People who drive here and there from place to place, sit in front of the television for hours each night and work all weekend long.
Gone are the days of lazy Sundays soaking up the sun in a cosy chair cross stitching or knitting a new jumper for a loved one.
Times are fast and hurried and barely a breathe is taken and it's time to fly out the door again to the next place of call.
I guess that's why I am so drawn to these times.
Hard work was even harder with lots of daily tasks, but the people of these by gone era's took time out to relax and cherish time with their loved ones.  They took time to sit and reflect upon their day, whilst sitting quietly by the fire. The true appreciation of these times were obvious in the various art forms that caught my eye on my visit.

This beautiful embroidery box held a small needlework project. Maybe it was for a cushion for a bed or settee or maybe to hang upon a bedroom wall. It was lovely !

 I was quite taken with these beautiful beaded purses.
I have a friend who knits these beautiful evening bags and they are a work of art. I  love that she is keeping this old tradition alive.
I know that she will love looking at these antique versions.
They are kept under the safety of glass cabinets as they must be so fragile but their beauty is still evident.

I just adore all of these lovely things and I hope you have enjoyed looking at them all as much as I have loved creating this post.


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  1. "These do I love, old things, old places......"
    THanks for sharing this Melanie!