Monday, 7 May 2012

Garden Day !

I am still here!

and now you can see why I disappeared last week.
I have been busy, busy, busy preparing for my garden day.
I have been sewing, baking and gardening !

I have created and prettied everything in sight.  If it was standing still, then I put a bow on it.......(husband was scared he would wake up with bows in his hair ! lol)

I sat and sewed until the wee hours.
I stood at my stove and lovingly cooked my Great Grandmother's recipe for choko pickles.
I broke my nails weeding and potting and raising seedlings

Every day I smiled.

There is a lot to say about 'doing what you love and the rest will follow'.
It is a principle that I live by.

I have a zillion pics to share but today I will begin with my green side......
Tomorrow I will share my crafts.

Enjoy the eye candy !

Humble 'Dotta Vine' turned into pretty nests
Pretty potted colour to make you smile and warm your heart in this chilly weather
all wrapped up ready to give a special Mum for Mother's Day

There was even a visit from a certain little lady bug. A little fairy messenger from another realm........
She flitted around and enjoyed the afternoon with us for quite some time. 

It was a sunny day, the birdies were chirping away in the trees
and all of my lovely friends and family came along to share in the love.
I felt very supported and found great pleasure in creating a beautiful place to be.

Tomorrow I will bring you crafts
so be sure to stop in and say hello.


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  1. Good morning sweet Melanie! I had to stop by today to tell you how lovely your Garden Day looked! I wish I could also come over to enjoy a lovely day like that! All the crafts, sewing and planting are just perfect and fairy! I really love pastel colors too so this post made me extremely happy! xox