Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ambleside Cottage

Welcome to the second installment of
Ambleside Cottage

Ambleside Cottage is a favourite antique and vintage store of mine.
I have many lovely pretties that originated from this lovely abode.

Today I bring you more eye candy from the vintage corner of this lovely store.
There are cute little ladies pill hats, vintage cushions, assorted china and enamel tins.

Cast your eye over these lovelies !

and as always I was on the hunt for more pretty china teacup sets.
I loved the celluloid handkerchief box pictured below left.
and the green polka dot bread tin....cute !
and this little darling (pictured below) must once have displayed many a vintage hat. Complete with red lippy, beauty spot and her pink hat she looks quite the fashionista !
and you can probably guess that the PEACHY PINK art deco light fitting and the FRENCH BLUE ladies pill hat caught my eye.
There is just something about those two colours !

You can find Ambleside Cottage
in Maitland Road, Islington NSW Australia.

Well my Peachy Pink friends, I have had a BIG day and I am longing to curl up under my French Blue covers and visit the land of nod.
Tomorrow is another busy day and full of fun but first I need to recharge my batteries.

Thank you so much for visiting.

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  1. What a charming antique shop you´ve got there! I love when you show us photos from your antique stores. This one is my most favorite so far! It has everything that I love- the colors, the type of decorations, the sweetness! I wish I could go there one day (with you)!!! :-) Have a splendid Sunday!