Wednesday, 20 June 2012

What To Do With Those Boring Pot Plants In The Winter

In Winter when my plants are looking sad and lifeless I always look for ways of brightening things up.

My standard topiarised roses are all spindly and are about to have a hard Winter pruning.
So while things are boring up at the top end, I create a little bit of happiness at the bottom end of the pot.
After mulching and clearing out any stray weeds, I placed little pots of pretty Kale (I used 3 pots) around the base of the rose.  I prefer to do it like this as I don't want to distress my rose over the Winter months with little balls of energy flowering away at the bottom and taking all of the goodness out of the soil. It also makes it easier to remove when the little pots have finished giving their cheer.

Then simply over the top of the pots so the plastic pots aren't visible, I pop some extra mulch in and around the pots.
I had a white wire soap dish in my cupboard which was lying idle so I popped a little white wooden bird and a little nest I found in my tree inside and popped him into the pot as well.

Pretty !

Even my poor old bird house brightened up a bit when I tied a simple lavender coloured organza ribbon around it.
Don't underestimate the power of colour.
A simple splash of colour can make just about anything happy again

I'm not sure about you all but I am freezing cold.........brrrrrrr

I will be happy to see the sun warm up again to warm my toes.
                     Today has been a really big day.
My floristry course was fantastic as usual.  Our flower choices were beautiful and I cannot wait to share my new creation with you all tomorrow for THURSDAY FLOWERS.

                                   SEE YOU ALL THEN

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  1. This is such a clever idea - of course it is high 90s here and hot as summertime, but come fall when things are as you are dealing with at this time - well, this is CLEVER STUFF!

    I am going to try and remember this post and revisit more Aussie posts when the season is upon me.

    Thanks, Mel, you have such an awesome blog!