Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursday Flowers.....Carnations and Orchids

Thursday Flowers

When the boxes of flowers arrived at my floristry course this week I crossed my fingers that there were lots of pretty pinks.
The reason ?

A friend of mine was due 'any minute' (or so I told the class) to have her baby. I knew that it was approaching but could not remember the exact date.
As we unpacked the flowers selected for us, I spotted a few bunches of pink Carnations and knew that I had to have a bunch.

I teamed them with some raspberry Alstroemerias and ever faithful Misty and made a very girly arrangement of flowers.

A few of my classmates suggested that I chose something more neutral in case it was a boy but I knew in my heart that it was a baby girl.

Little did I know that at the same time that I was choosing the pink bunches, my friend was giving birth to her baby girl.
I received the message an hour later saying that she had been born.
What a wonderful way to start the day.

So today's Thursday flowers puts a bigger smile on my face.

So without further ado......

my weeks creation

Orchids, Carnations, Alstroemerias and Misty.

foliage - rolled leaves and Camellia
and my masterpiece!

to my sweet friend Miss L
Welcome to the world
baby Bailar

I hope your life is full of love, giggles and joy !


  1. AWESOME!!

    What a neat story too - and you are very very good at this craft! such talent!

    Hope your friend and her sweet lil one are doing well!

  2. Hello gorgeous and sweet Melanie, What a beautiful post my friend! I know your dear friend will love this floral arrangement. It is stunning!!! I am so happy there were pink flowers to honor the new baby girl! You have a gift sweet friend and are so generous and thoughtful too! Blessings to your friend and her new, sweet baby girl and to you! Much love, Paula xo

    1. Thankyou Paula, so happy that you like my arrangement xo