Thursday, 21 June 2012

Thursday Flowers......Table Arrangement

Thursday Flowers
This week in floristry class we had a very pretty selection of flowers to choose from.
were my choice of the day and I chose lilac tones to work with.

I seem to be moving through a lilac tone phase at the moment. I guess it's the inner french blue and peachy pink combining and creating a mix of the two colours.

I was a very happy girl when I saw my special order that I had put in for lilac coloured roses........GORGEOUS !  But you will have to find out what I did with them next week !
We are on a short break now so my creative juices will be flowing from my own bloom choices from the local florist.

This week we created something new. Each week we repeat over and over the same design so that we can perfect each arrangement. It is essential to our learning but it can get a little boring.
This weeks design was for a table arrangement for a wedding or special occasion. We were all excited to be learning something new.

We were all happy to hear out teacher tell us when we had finished that we had all done an incredibly good job considering it being our first attempt.

So with no further ramblings I bring you
I just adore Kale and this pretty bloom pictured below is the feature flower of my design. It's large creamy flower and the variegated leaves blend deliciously with the lilac Freesias.

I hope that you all have enjoyed THURSDAY FLOWERS.
Each week in class I find myself improving and enjoying it all even more then the week before.
It is an absolute delight of a day and it is so lovely to be able to share it all with you each week.
It is incredible the interest that this segment stirs up each week.
I guess flowers have a universal love and can be enjoyed by absolutely anybody.
Maybe there are some budding florists out there amongst you all.
Maybe I have inspired a couple of you to take up future studies.
It is never too late to change tact and recreate your life.

Looking back through my life, my love of flowers began early. It was inspired by my Grandmother's garden. Playing with Snapdragon heads and picking tiny pansies were my earliest memories of flowers. Catching bugs in my bug catcher came along in my next memory. The land of fairies and goblins and all things Enid Blyton lived amongst flowers. The imagination soared on from there.

What are some of your early flower memories ?



  1. Oh that is SO gorgeous!

    My earliest flower memories are from my mother's sister - who had an old fashioned English Cottage-style garden with so much sun and colour - particularly I loved her snapdragons that were pinkish purple!

    My mother was an avid gardener too but we lived in a woods so Mom's garden - gorgeous - was all deep greens and whites - an amazing rock garden all around (we lived on a cliff too between a huge lake and woods in back and park across the street, paradise really.)

    1. Your Mother's garden sounds beautiful Michele. It certainly does sound like paradise. I bet you loved playing with your Aunty's snapdragons too. I hope that those early memories have also left you with a love of flowers x

  2. oh my friend...thursday's flower are magnificent!!!!! you bring so much beauty into our lives!!! like is said from the start -- this is your God given talent!!!!! sending you tons of hugs and some of my outdoor HEAT -- believe me -- i would trade places in a HEART BEAT and plus I would get to see a kangaroo -- cold weather and awesome animals -- how great would that be!!! : ) LOL!!! hugs!

  3. Oh, I have always wanted to take a floral arranging class, this is skill that will last you a night time and save you a ton of money....HUm, I should take a class, your arrangement is gorgeous!!


    1. You should go out and sign up Carol. It's a little harder then it looks but it is so much fun. Thanks for visiting x

  4. Your arrangement is stunning!!! I love freesia. You are right, the kale sets it off beautifully! As a kids, I remember catching lightning bugs and frogs in the summer to put in mason jars. I remember one time making a bug collection on paper (with pins and bugs still moving - eek! I know!). Thank you for sharing your gorgeous arrangement and bringing back some great childhood memories. :) Heidi

    1. hahaha that's so funny Heidi, I guess that's part of the innocence of childhood. I used to catch coloured stink bugs in old jars and put leaves and water in the bottom of them. The poor things probably drowned and suffocated but I thought I was giving them a fabulous new x