Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little Jack Horner and Friends

Little Jack Horner
This Is The House That Jack Built
Jack and Jill
Yes I bet you can guess......

I have a little man by the name of Jack !

When he was born I decided to decorate his little nursery with Victorian and vintage children's china and nursery rhyme paraphernalia.  I scoured Ebay and antique stores for anything Jack !

These were a few of the gorgeous things that I found.
My favourite is the lovely Victorian magazine/newspaper page advertising JELLO. (The glass on the frame didn't help with clear photo's I'm afraid as the light was reflecting at every angle).

All of my children have their very own china sets. They are all different, some antique, some new.
I love to bring a little bit of the past into the future and these little treasures for my own Jack will hopefully be appreciated by him and his own children many years from now.

below - The sweet Victorian JELLO advertisement and the cute cup and saucer sets that I used to decorate his nursery with.

and who could ever resist a pop-up book !

Jack and Jill
of course they went up the hill.
but what comes up must come down!
lol !

Jack is a bigger boy now so many of these pieces are in the china cabinet but they always hold so many sweet memories of my sweet tiny baby boy.

Love you Jacky


  1. How clever and unique!!!

    Love this idea!

    You have a very nice collection!!

  2. Hello sweet Melanie, What wonderful treasures you have collected for your sweet boy Jack! They are all so adorable and sweet! I loved seeing them dear friend! Have a beautiful week! Much love, Paula xo