Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Antiquing Saturday Finds.....Lots Of Lace

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and I was so looking forward to the antique and collectibles fair.
There is something so fabulous about the ambiance at an antiques fair. The thrill of the chase keeps the shopper driven to spot the ultimate find. That certain something that makes your heart go pitter pat or makes you gasp with delight.
Well that's kind of what happened to me when I found this bounty of lace.
Somebody's Grandmother had sat for hours upon hours crocheting tiny lace roses and pin wheels to use more than likely on a tablecloth or doilies.
She had put so much love into these lace delights.

and I bet she would be smiling from above that I found her treasure.
The seller also had these 2 totally divine Victorian lace bows that would have graced the prettiest of dresses well over 100 years ago.
They were pinned to a board and I spotted them from the next aisle.
I ended up buying the lot from her.
She popped them all in little paper bags and I walked away secretly squealing in delight in my head !
I felt like a kid in a candy store.
I have lots of plans for these beauties.

Aren't they gorgeous !

I love these pretty lace bows !

These were my finds of the day.
Lots of lacey delights and one very pretty greeting card (but I will share that with you another day) !

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