Thursday, 5 July 2012

It's Confession Time..........THURSDAY FLOWERS


I have a confession to make!

I broke every rule in the florist handbook today !

It all began with a boring trip to the grocery store to buy laundry detergent

As I lined up to pay I noticed buckets of fresh flowers at the end of the checkout.

Rule no. 1
Do not buy fresh flowers from grocery stores. They are often kept near the fruit and veg section, have been affected by gases which give flowers are very short life span. Also quite often the flowers do not have fresh water each day and in some cases have been sitting there for days and who knows how old they are.

Rule Broken........

For the bargain price of $5 I tucked a bunch into my basket and handed over the cash.......oops ! (sorry teacher !)

Rule no. 2

On buying cut flowers one must travel home and pop straight into water to prevent flower stress.........

Rule Broken........

3 hours later after picking children up from various sports and visiting a friend, roses still sitting on floor of car waiting for a drink. (sorry teacher !)

My confession gets worse.....

I popped in to visit my lovely friend Michelle at Shabby Sheilas.
She asked how my birthday was and what gifts did I receive.
I had visited her store the week before to buy a friend a birthday gift. I had bought her this gorgeous French room spray.  It was all gift wrapped beautifully with the other goodies I bought for her but I was curious to smell the room spray.
Very carefully I opened the wrapped gift, slid out the bottle and took a sniff..........mmmmmmm

I liked it so much that I kept it for myself.
(sorry friend !)

On returning home from mornings activities I fed the 'starving' children and begin to prepare for a visiting guest that would be arriving soon.
I had a filthy, dirty, muddy little boy straight from the sports field who had walked mud through the bathroom. Cleanup required.

roses still sitting on kitchen bench
(oops !........"I will be with you soon roses !"

20 minutes later I chose a vase and went to cut the stems of my roses so that they could rehydrate. As I pulled the secateurs out my guest arrived. Roses quickly stuffed (very unlovingly) into a vase (stems uncut, but at least they were in water !)

poor little babies !

2 hours later the roses were cut, lovingly arranged into a vase and were looking decidedly perkier than the few hours before.

This evening my 2 new found purchases are giving me much pleasure.
The roses are sitting in a simple white jug on our dining room table.
The room spray is being lavishly sprayed around and smells divine.
My friend will never know the sweet smell of this gorgeous spray and with a bit of luck my Floristry lecturer will never know I have been shopping for flowers at the supermarket and mistreating them..........oops !

It will be very interesting to see how long these poor little roses live for after travelling around thirsty for much of the morning on the floor of my car.
But aren't they just such a pretty colour ?

and lets be honest, you simply cannot buy roses in the middle of Winter for $5.......bargain !

and I thought I would share with you all this amazing book  I received for my birthday. It is 'Vintage Flowers' by Vic Brotherson.
If you love vintage style floral arrangements and vintage vases and displays then you will adore this book as much as I do.
My copy came from Shabby Sheilas

See you all tomorrow


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  1. All forgiven pop over to the room divider when ever you feel you need too Mx