Friday, 27 July 2012

Sweet Violet Tea Party.......SURPRISE !

Every girl loves a tea party
 every girl loves jewellery !

Today on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I reveal a sneaky peak of my new jewellery range that I will soon be selling.

I am showing you one of my favourite pieces
(modelled by my beautiful daughter). 
It is handmade with antique lace direct from the French countryside.

It is a lovely French lace cuff worn tied around the wrist. It features a stunning vintage buckle and pearls.  All handmade with loads of love.

and I think a tea party is a perfect way to show my new creation off.

So fill up your tea cups and enjoy my little tea party (and of course there are violets everywhere !!!)

Would anybody like a slice of sponge cake ?

Just pass me your plate.....

click on the smaller pics and they'll grow into full size photo's :-)

This lovely violet coloured slab is French sugar .Simply break off a piece and slip into your tea.Aren't they just the softest, prettiest shade of violet ?

One lump or two ?
gone !

OOPS !  "Mum you forgot the spoon !"
(typical teenager !)

So what do you all think of my newest creation ?

Do you think they are pretty ?
 While you take a look, I am going to sit here and enjoy my tea.....

                                             and a slice of cake !

and most of all I will smell my lovely violets !

I have so enjoyed my week of violets, the delicate little ladies that they are.  The little sweet smelling, self sowing little delights !

I hope that I have brought back fond memories of your Grandmothers garden.
Maybe some of you will pop out to the shops later and buy yourself a plant or two ?

Mostly I hope that you have all enjoyed my photo's and story telling.

and thankyou for being the first ones to view a sneaky peek at my little surprise.
I really value your opinions so feedback on my little piece of jewellery would be just lovely. Do you like it ?
 I know that it was only one little piece......but still ! lol
Many many thanks to you all !

Have a wonderful weekend
and I will see you all next week !



  1. Oh Melanie!!!

    Your lacey creation is GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Your daughter makes a lovely hand model, and your violets tea china for your tea party is STUNNING!

    SO SO PRETTY!!!!!

    1. Thankyou so much Michele, it's lovely to have some feedback xo

  2. Oh how simply wonderful! The tea was divine and the setting was picture perfect!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this post -- it was just GORGEOUS and the model was sheer perfect! : )
    Thank you for the spot of tea today my friend -- just wish we could share one in "real" time...maybe some day!

    tons of (((HUGS)))
    hope to see you over at JJ linky party today : ) you sure have a hugs array of vintage treats to show : )

  3. Very pretty lace cuff! You should do well. Enjoyed the tea party.

  4. Hi Melanie,
    What a wonderful scene :-)
    You have learned to better represent the romantic Victorian spirit in every detail :-)
    Your cuff is really WONDERFUL!
    Mini hugs from Italy

  5. What a beautiful vintage tea you have set! I adore all the violets and your delicious looking cake : )
    The vintage cuff is very pretty. How fun for you to let your creative spirit soar with such projects and a new business! I wish you the very best with it.

  6. I think your creation is simply wonderfully looks so elegant. I just love the violets and your pansy picture in the back ground is breath taking would love to find one just like it...Happy Tuesday with love Janice @

  7. Very creative and romantic. I love all of your violets and purples. You presented them so beautifully. That sugar is really neat.
    Good luck with your lacy cuff!
    Ruthie from:

  8. This is so charming and so romantic! Very beautiful!..Christine

  9. Hi Melanie,
    LOVE your lacy creation! I am a big fan of anything lace and this cuff is simply adorable! Wonderfully romantic and perfect to wear to a tea party!
    I love your violet tea too. Your china is so pretty and delicate looking, just like a violet. Thanks for sharing. Please feel free to link your pretty post up with Tea Time and have a beautiful day.


  10. Lovely creations Melanie... and so licks to have a model to display your wares... It just doesn't get any better than a lace and violets tea party... Thanks for sharing...hugs

  11. Your lacy cuff is so elegant and is pretty on the hand of your daughter. The lavender china is truly picture perfect for a teascape! The interesting part was the sugar cubes and it would great to serve at a tea party!
    Many lovely photos of the special tea time.

    Thanks, Pam