Thursday, 9 August 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS -Lilac and Lemon Tones

THURSDAY FLOWERS brings you shades of lilac and lemon today.

This week floristry class provided Gerberas, Chrysanthemums, Gelaldton Wax and Carnations.
We all chose our blooms and set to work.

After an assessment on making a funeral sheath (yes a little morbid so I don't think I'll share pics of that one !) we set about revising a couple of designs for preparation of future tests.
This is what I created !

The Gerberas were enormous and the soft lemon blooms worked beautifully with the lilac coloured Chrysanthemums. The creamy tones of the Carnations and Gelalton Wax completed my desired look.

A close up of my pretty blooms
(below) The Geraldton Wax flowers are so dainty and pretty and oh-so-tough for our rough handling.
We can make up to 4 designs a day using the same flowers so they definately need to be tough to last the distance.

and then it was time to brush up on our corsage skills.
wiring, parafilming, designing.......FUN !

(We tend to use scraps that we have left over from our designs so forgive me for the scrappy Chrysanthemums !)

Overall we had a fun day and the kangaroos grazing happily out the back of our classroom on the field had a fun day too !
I should have taken pics of them for you all but I was too busy working on  my designs. Hopefully they'll be there next week too and I'll take a couple of snaps of them to share.

See you tomorrow !


  1. very petty flowers and arrangements!

  2. I love working with flowers! Your arrangements are so pretty- would be fun to take some classes someday to really learn the great tips on great flower arrangements!

    I found you via a darling picture on pinterest. It was a picture of a little day bed with an urn and basket in front. Looks like it might be a booth- I would love to see more pictures of this space but the link just went to your blog (which I am glad because I got to look through lots of great pictures) - after going through months of posts I am still not coming across it and was wondering if you could share the link to this actual post.

    Thanks so much!

    bee blessed