Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dolly Plates.....Victorian Times

Oops! my china collection just grew a little....
But I couldn't help it
and they were a bargain at a couple of dollars for each plate !

I had popped into my favourite antique centre to pick up some lace when I came across these 3 sweet as a button cake plates.
I searched the dealer's stall for more but he informed me that there had been more, but they had been sold. Why on earth the set wasn't kept together I will never understand, but according to the dealer some people only want 1 or 2 plates to hang on a wall and this is how collections fall apart.
I would have never left one of these treasures behind, the little dolly like girls on my newly named 'Dolly Plates' will now live with me.  I will never separate them I promise !
Imagine how cute the teacups would have been too.
Oh if only.........
Given the age of these little treasures dating around Victorian times, I could be in for a hunt of the century if I want to find more pieces. But I suppose never say never. You just never know what is out there in this great big world of ours. The limits are endless and the possibilities achievable.

Cross your fingers for me
and your toes too
as I would love to find more of these one day!

Aren't they so sweet ?

I can just imagine 2 little girls playing tea parties out in the garden on wicker furniture dunking their biscuits in the cups and giggling.
Some time a long, long time ago cherish memories were made with these little treasures.
If only there were 4 and not 3....

I hope that you love them as much as me !
See you all tomorrow



  1. Hi Melanie! I do love them! So cute! I promise to look for one more for you when I go to the antique mall and the shops near my home.
    Of course if I find the cups, I'll get those, too!
    You have an inspiring perspective about hunting for treasures! You're right! It's all out there!
    Have a great day!

    1. Miss Pom Pom I would be soooo excited if you were to find any xoxo

  2. Oh how precious!!!! I will have my eyes peeled for you my dear dear friend! They are somewhere as you said!!!! and maybe just maybe I might find one someday or JJ!!! sending you tons of hugs my friend -- you are just so special and brighten my day!!!! hugs...

  3. These are just precious!!! I do understand how it must have upset you to know that the collection wasn´t complete...I also do not get why someone would part these amazing plates from each other...but you are still so lucky to run into them!!! They are perfect and adorable! :-) Oh and if there were teacups with it...that would be something!!!