Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Rainy Sunday Curtain Making Day

It was a gloomy, wet Sunday afternoon.....
The queen of procrastination had been planning on making curtains for our children's rooms for quite some time.
(you can't rush these things !)

Life is crazy busy all of the time in our large household and free time is very hard to come by.
So last Sunday, sports were all cancelled due to the rainy weather and it was too miserable to go out and do anything.
The kids were happy to mooch around doing there own thing.
Me ?    Spare time ? NEVER !!!

So I seized the moment, pulled out the hail spot (also known as Swiss Dot) fabric, my trusty sewing machine and made some curtains !
It only took 2 hours and they were all made and hanging up in the windows.

We had purchased some simple drop curtains earlier in the year from Laura Ashley, but I had been unsure of whether or not to pop some blinds up as well, or maybe a half curtain just to add some privacy from the street.

The hail spot fabric I chose is very fine and translucent but not completely see through.
I love hail spot, I have quite a little of vein of it flowing from room to room in many different furnishings. I have it in curtains, a firescreen and doors. It is delicate, light and understated yet very functional and pretty.
It can be priced from a few dollars all the way up to $20 a metre depending on the quality.
I was lucky with my fabric as I found it in the sale rack for $3 a metre because it had a fault in it.
All sewn up you can't even see the fault.
5 metres later plus a $5 packet of stretchy wire and hooks 
2 sets of half curtains cost me $20.
I included a little ruffly hem at the top and the bottom.
I didn't want to block all of the sunshine out of the bedrooms so I didn't gather the fabric too much.
I big wide hemline gave a little interest and broke up the large area of white.

There were no curtain rods or brackets to worry about.
I simply used this stretch wire and hooks.
It is as simple as that !

See you all tomorrow for THURSDAY FLOWERS



  1. Hi Melanie!
    I like how you describe what you did to/with your curtains and why you did! They are very soft and inviting! I love how gathered fabric looks and usually make the same type of curtains I've been making for decades!
    What a good use of a rainy day!

  2. I love rainy days! They are the best days for creating! I love your new curtains.

    Absolutely beautiful :)