Monday, 13 August 2012

Sewing In The Sunshine

There's something quite cleansing about sitting in the sunshine. I have a needle and thread and a plate of inspiration to play with.  That's what I tend to do before I create. I have been digging around in my box of lace and ribbons and found a colour palette that has caught my eye. I am not much of a beige person but I found this vintage beige velvet ribbon a few weeks ago at the antique store and thought that it would be perfect in my new jewellery range. The colour fits perfectly with my beautiful antique lace.

So here I find myself sitting here on a comfy chair in the sun sewing pretty lace and ribbon into something wonderful.
I won't show you my lovely creation, but I WILL SHARE the pretty things I made it with.

I'm being a little cheeky but I really want to have a lot more stock ready before I begin to sell my jewellery to you all.
All will be revealed in good time.
There are vintage buckles, hand made crochet buttons, vintage pearls, glass buttons and mostly all stitched up with vintage cotton.
I try my best to reuse any vintage cottons and trims.
I try to recycle and reuse as much as I can.
I try to tread very lightly on this world of ours and leave as little carbon in my footprint as possible
Sometimes the most simple of items can be combined together to make something amazing. It just takes a little imagination !

and as I sit here the sweet scent of my Jonquils wafts up in the gentle breeze.
I just had to snip one off to smell it closer.
mmmmmmm......yes Spring is not far away !

I can feel Spring coming just around the corner.
The sun is taking it's time setting in the afternoons and the birds seem to be singing even louder.
Yippee !!
In the meantime I will sit here, smell my Jonquils and create a little bit of magic with my fingers.

See you all tomorrow

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