Thursday, 16 August 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS.....Learning The Art Of Floristry

Raspberry reds, peachy pinks and white

For the many newcomers on my blog I must explain THURSDAY FLOWERS. At the beginning of the year I decided to live out one of my dreams and go back to study. Floristry had always been a strong interest and my passion in the garden and creativity in the craft world lured me in to the world of flowers.  
and what a wonderful world it is too !
So each week I share my newest creation from my class.
At the moment we are perfecting arrangements that we have previously made because we are sitting assessments each week. This week we continued to practise corsages and boxed arrangements. Each week we get better and better and our skills improve.

Babies Breath, Gerberas, Spray Roses and Sweet Williams were my selection in class this week.
As soon as I saw the oh-so-pretty apricot/raspberry coloured spray roses my theme was chosen.
I was almost tempted by some beautiful white long stemmed roses but the colour in these spray roses won me over.  I combined them with pink and raspberry Sweet Williams, hot pink Gerberas, Baby's Breath, rolled leaves and Camellia foliage.
Mostly we all use the same selection of flowers provided but we can choose our own colour combinations.

I hope that you will enjoy my work pictured below.
I really love this arrangement !

Ivy leaves were the base of my corsage this week teamed with roses and Baby's Breath
Aren't the spray roses lovely ?


For those who read THURSDAY FLOWERS last week, the kangaroos were back this week. A Mother and her Joey grazed happily in the paddock outside of our classroom. I crept outside on a couple of occasions to take photo's of them but they hopped away. Next week I will take my 'serious camera' with the big lens and there will be no stopping me.
We did however have a couple of stray visitors mosey on into the classroom for a stickybeek !  My classmate tempted them with a Gerbera to smell.......priceless photo !

My boxed arrangement I have decided to keep for myself this week.
Sometimes I make my arrangements for a friend or family member but these ones are for ME ME ME !  They make me smile.

                                    See you all tomorrow


  1. oh my dear friend you are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!! how absolutely gorgeous in every way! you have the magic touch!!!! and i am so glad that you are keeping these gorgeous blooms for deserve the big smile!!!! : ) sending you hugs and smiles from the other side of the world!!!!!!! keep creating and everyone will keep smiling!!!! (hugs!!!!)

  2. Hi Melanie!
    How sweet that the kangaroos came to visit. When I was in Australia (Sydney) I went to Featherdale (I think that's the name of the little zoo) and I loved petting the koala bears and smiling at the wallabies. A big bird followed our son around when he was there! I like your Australia for many reasons!
    Now, those flowers are AMAZING! You are GOOD! I would like the corsage, please. I would bow my head and sniff up some rose when my heart and mind need a pick-me-up! I think I'll buy myself some posies today.
    Beautiful work!

  3. Hi Mel,

    I love your weeks florals - gorgeous compositions!!! You truly have big time talent. That corsage is perfect too. And good for you for finally keeping one for yourself - to remind yourself each time you see it just how talented you have become!

    I would love for you to take pic of it about your living spaces - even collage it - and do a post about it tomorrow. That could be fun.

    I giggled out loud to imagine kangaroos outside ANY window in my world. I sure do hope you capture it next time!

    As for "stickybeek," pray tell what on earth that means?

    You folks downunder, well, I just never know what you're sayin, mate. (Imagine my horrible attempt at your wonderful accent inserted there.)

    BIG HUGS from upthere.

    I figured it you are downunder I am upthere.